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Originally Posted by Splave View Post

Try 10-12-12 smile.gif

Yeah that's what they run stock.

I've been messing around with 2666MHz 11-13-13-30 but they're still so damn slow.
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These sticks are painfully slow. I didn't realize single sided took that much of a performance hit.

2800MHz 12-13-13-30

Are these single sided too? G.SKILL Trident X Series DDR3 2400 F3-2400C10D-8GTX


EDIT: I saved the wrong picture, but I did run them 12-13-13-30 (not 31) but the difference in performance was negligible.
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Yes, those Trident X you linked have been mostly singe-sided, but with Samsung chips and they top out around 2500-2550. At least the Hynix MFR single-sided sticks like your Team uses will clock higher.
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Yeah, I guess it's not horrible for the $70 I paid. I might try to tighten up at 2400MHz for an everyday OC.
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Originally Posted by stickg1 
Yeah, I guess it's not horrible for the $70 I paid. I might try to tighten up at 2400MHz for an everyday OC.

They will probably be just fine for that. Plus who knows, maybe CL3P20 is on the right track and those modules will work well with Haswell. It will give you an excuse to upgrade. Gotta buy new expensive bleeding gear in order to take advantage of that "relatively" cheap SS kit that you have. That's logical, right?. smile.gif

Going back to those Tridents that you asked about. Some of them were manufactured in a double sided version with both Hynix and Samsung chips, but it appears that those were only the early release "teasers" (as I like to call them...sounds nicer than "bait & switch"). You can tell by looking at the PCB if the visual of the modules is an option.

The following is just a general comment for anyone that hasn't had the opportunity to compare single vs double sided modules.

Those SS Team modules of stickg1, like the SS Tridents, both have that nearly solid row of SMC just above the gold contacts on the side with chips, whereas the DS variety will have them spread out, and on both sides. You can compare a pic of any of these 4GB modules and easily tell if single, or double sided. Unfortunately, the product pic at Newegg for the Trident 2400 CL10 kit is of one of the DS teaser and not indicative of what they currently have in stock.

Single-sided vs double-sided SMC on PCB (first and second pics are the Team and the GSkill Trident X, respectively and third pic is of a double-sided module with the spreader removed to reveal Samsung HCH9):

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 75
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That's what cl3p20 said
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Yeah it's a shame because I finally got a decent Ivy chip. I had two 3570Ks that needed really high voltage when overclocked. I got an above average 3770K two weeks ago matched with a Maximus V Gene (which has been great for RAM overclocking especially)
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Wish mine did more than 2600mhz xD
And that my MVG would live!

Congrats on the high clocks Stick, now create an hwbot account and submit a cpu-z validation for ram frequency. Should be worth a few points tongue.gif
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I'll try for more later on. It seemed extremely easy. I just bumped the voltage to 1.8v, loosened the timings a little, and set the frequency to 2800MHz.
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Well, it depends on your imc mostly...your sticks seem up to snuff lol
Just give em volts, some airflow (if you got an AC you can probably give them some cold air for extra headroom tongue.gif )
As for timings, the MVG has ROG profiles for bare mhz fun, try with that and go from there. biggrin.gif
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