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PC slow to power on / take power ??

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Just bought a new P8Z77 V LX mobo and a 3570k.

I'm using my existing Zalman ZM500 PSU and Antec P182 case.

Anyway, the problem i'm having is the power button on my case sometimes doesn't work. Or sometimes if it does it takes about 5 secs before it does anything.

Other times it works right away.

I'm trying to determine if I have a bad mobo ? or if its something else ?

The Zalman PSU was working fine on my old Asus P5Q Pro and Q6600 mobo.

My GPU's are x-fired 5770's. I don't think its cos my 500w PSU isn't delivering enough juice.

How can i prove its a mobo ? The mobo is new, and therefore the most likely culprit in my opinion.. Unless something was upset on the PSU, during the switching out of equipment.

The little cable that's labelled PWR SWITCH, how can i prove that's still delivering power ? even though its not turning on the mobo..
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If everything was working fine until you swapped in a new motherboard and everything else is the same as before, then I think youve found your culprit and it might be time to RMA. The power switch is pretty much idiot proof and will only fit on the header one way. Besides, if you hooked it up to the wrong header, it wouldnt even be turning on at all.
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I know its the most obvious choice. Hence my post in the mobo forum smile.gif I would like to try to understand as to why it works sometimes and other times it doesn't.

What part of the mobo controls that side? I guess I want to get my ducks in a row for when I call Asus. Its a little annoying that I'll have to RMA this board, meaning i'll be without it for a couple of weeks frown.gif
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