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[BUILD LOG] To find a cure...

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This'll be far from my first build, but will be my first dedicated build for a folding computer(s). With that in mind, I picked up a pair of the cheapest GPUs I could find biggrin.gif This work log is more for reference purposes to help people building a comp that they know will be on 24/7 at (potentially) high temps, and under heavy loads. Also, it's going to be quite the learning experience for me! Should be interesting; but onto the details

Final build details:

Box 1 - (DONE!)
i7- 2600k -- Shooting for 5.0Ghz - 24/7 folding
ASUS Maximus IV Extreme-Z
Ripjaw X PC 1600Mhz 7-8-7-24
Antec Quattro-Power 850 watt
ATI 3650 (So much power, overkill, right? tongue.gif)
XSPC RX240 W/C kit
Currently in Merc Alpha case (Will be going to a slimmed down HAF 932)

Box 2 -
i7-920 -- Shooting for 4.0Ghz - 24/7 folding
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2.0
Patriot RAM (I don't know what kind.... It was laying around my closet redface.gif) 1600MHz
Corsair CX600 watt
ATI 5450
Corsair H80
Silverstone Raven 3

[Update] Sadly had to stop the build. Blew the motherboard and GPU ):

The computers are both working at the moment, but..... They aren't pretty, and currently Hodge-podged together, duct tape included!


Step 1: Preparing the cases (Click to show)
As the Raven case is in use at the moment (and ready), I fished around my basement and found my old HAF 932 that I modded. It had it's 5.25" bays turned sideways and then riveted back on, so that it'd fit behind my monitors, and not be jutting out onto my desk.

The finished case from before. I had a lot of stuff in there, and wanted to have all internal rads (I had 2, RX360's) so I welded a second HAF932 case to the other one, and took out the motherboard tray.

.... But as with anything else, it was time to separate. And so....


Rather then put the motherboard tray back in, I decided to keep the 90-degree 5.25" bay side. It'll let me direct the heat in another direction, hopefully helping keep the temps down under my desk tongue.gif

After I took them out and filed and painted them:


Annnnd a nice coat of satin black paint!

Step 2: 2600k Build (Click to show)

So I ended up not switching PSUs... More to keep the other computer running (Uselessly as I found it lost net connectivity by accident, and failed sending the WU 10 times), then for any other real reason.

Firstly, I wanted to show everyone how silly some cases are.
Yes, as you can see, that motherboard cutout, quite cleaning over 1/4 the CPU at least.... I can see why, it just seems kind of silly. Had to pull the mobo out after seeing that. Just wanted to let people know that it seems that most cases don't actually have a big enough cutout for 2nd gen Intel CPUs.

Anyway, I put the rig together:
And then found out that the two holes in the bottom of the 5.25" bays were too far back to how I wanted to have the lines go....

After pulling everything back out, it was back to the cutting table in a nice clean room deck.
Cut, file, spray paint, and then back inside.

Back inside, I dry-fit the water cooling loop:

And after testing, boot 'er up.


Currently the rig is sitting at a healthy 4.8GHz! Going to make sure it's stable there for a few days at least before I mess with it and try to get it higher!
Random Shots (Click to show)
Each sticker is a part that I've gotten. Be it for folding or gaming, every sticker in the past 5 years I've gotten from hardware, is there.

When I got my house, and did renovations on it, I had a VERY tiny squirrel (see: Hairless, eyes still not open, probably was 2-3 days old) fall out of the wall, and break it's leg pretty bad. We tried putting it in the trees around the house for it's mother to pick up, but after several hours, my mother finally took the little guy home. There, she cared for it and raised it. We've tried releasing it a few times, and his leg isn't strong enough to keep up, so after a day he came back. Now, even opening the door to his cage (an 8' x 8' x 4' wide "jungle") will cause him to shy as far away as possible. Every time I'm on my deck, he hops to a perch and watches me. Oh, and his name? Squ. short for Squirrel


A motherboard "Action shot" tongue.gif

[UPDATE] I figured I'd post the BIOS settings I used to get my 2600k up to 4.8Ghz and stable, as well as the RAM and their timings.

Useful Info:

CPU - Will update the BIOS info around the end of this month, when I get a chance to bring my TC box down for a bit, but for now:
4.8 Ghz @ 1.425v

RAM - 2133Mhz @ 1.65v with timings of 9-11-10-28-2N

PPD Information:
6901 - 61.5k PPD (Only had one)
6903 - 82-83k PPD (Average of a few)
6904 - 87.5-89k PPD (Only ever had one complete, the other failed halfway. These are the HFM values as I looked at them from day to day)

To Do List:

- Rip both computers2nd rig completely apart
- Swap out Sabertooth for Maximus board in 2600k box
- build watercooling loop in 2600k box
- swap PSUs
- find side panels for both computers, and front of Merc case
- cut old pair of HAF 932s that were welded together in half use for 2600k build
- Use more duct tape! (or not...)
- Stop being cheap, get another CD Rom drive, and stop using one for all 4 comps.... Maybe not tongue.gif
- Enter the closet and emerge with a second fan controller
- Probably more, there's always more.
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ll most epic description of a build i have ever heard XD +rep my man lol
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Pulled some stuff out of the closet, that I'll probably be throwing into the updated rigs...


Man my closet needs to get cleaned out more, but it is a good source for spare computer parts at least!
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You have a lot of stuff in your closet. Love these 'I found all this old junk in my closet im going to throw together a couple rigs and overclock it insanely and make a folding rig!' builds. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by succesfulvoid View Post

You have a lot of stuff in your closet. Love these 'I found all this old junk in my closet im going to throw together a couple rigs and overclock it insanely and make a folding rig!' builds. biggrin.gif

Lol, thanks. My dad and I used to game, and we never really had much time too, so we took the approach of "Well, if we barely have time to game, then we DEFINITELY don't have time for lag" and took that idea and ran with it... So that's mostly why I've got so much random stuff. We'd try out a fan controller, and I was young and stupid... So we ended up with some random ones. The little black screen thing, is a stand alone fan controller, which will now come in rather handy (Specifically, no need to use one fan controller between two computers tongue.gif)!

What the closet looks like after that stuff came out of it:

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