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So I was thinking about snagging a MM Ascension case because they're having a 10% off deal for their 9 year anniversary. I looked at CaseLabs cases as well, and with the accessories and whatnot that i'd need for it, it kind of goes over the budget I have, and there's really no place to mount a radiator to the back of the case in them. (Only putting my CPU under water). Upgrading from the 800D case because the lack of airflow just isn't cutting it for my GPU, and I like the box-y type look of the Ascension to be honest.

First of all I noticed theres a complete lack of wire management in this case, can someone give me pointers on how they went about doing this? (Any pointers will be of great use)

Planning on going with "proper" water cooling as soon as I get a bit more cash, would my H100 fit in this case as a temporary cooler for now? (Gunna be my first custom loop.)

Where in this case do the SSD's/HDD's mount? I don't see a spot for them at all, and wondering if it actually comes with SSD mounts? (I have 2x SSD's and 1 HDD)

How easily does the mobo tray come out? Is it a pain without a handle of some sort on it like CaseLabs has on theirs?

What color are the power and HDD activity LED's on the case? (Hoping white.... would love red though.)

If anyone can answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated.