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Has anyone tried using their Square Trade warranty on one of these Korean monitors yet? Thinking about picking up a few monitors, but it seems like they quality just went REALLY down hill, therefore I was thinking about getting Auria's from MicroCenter. But if Square Trade covers these monitors, I may go for the ebay stuff instead.
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^They do
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Originally Posted by edo101 View Post

^They do

Would you happen to have any information on the process? Does it end up being a big hassle? Do they just refund you the money? Thanks!!
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Originally Posted by 08G8V8 View Post

I sent an email request, asking the same question on the same item I called them on, and got basically the same response:

Thank you for contacting SquareTrade.
As you may know, unlike other warranty providers, SquareTrade offers coverage for new, refurbished and used items. In order to offer this coverage, we have to ensure that the items we are covering are in good working condition, arrive fully functional, and are able to function for 45 days. In addition, we can't offer coverage on any item that's already defective, damaged, or malfunctioning (that is, any item that has a "pre-existing condition").
Unfortunately, the listing of the eBay item 150819190880 states that the Monitor has Dead Pixel. We will not be able to offer coverage on this item.
I apologize for the confusion caused.
For future reference please keep in mind that we offer warranties on new and refurbished consumer electronic items and home appliances purchased from a retail store or retail website within the last 90 days, and eligible new, refurbished, and used items from eBay within 30 days of auction ending.
Hope that answers your question! If not, go here to view the contract summary. You can also reply to this email or call on the number provided above.
Thank you,

I then sent them a ebay number for a "perfect pixel" model, and this is the response I got:
Hello Jeff,
Thank you for contacting SquareTrade.
The eBay item number (140757463601) provided is eligible for our coverage.

So, they view the dead pixel stuff in the listing as a "as-is" or already defective unit.

I'm confused - so they won't honor warranties purchased on non-pixel perfect monitors? So why are they offering them as an option to buy?
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