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Slow down?

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Yesterday I reformatted my computer, and now that I've installed everything the computer is running very slow. Like for example, when I try to install Americas army the installation of it takes about 10 minutes....

I installed DIRECT X 9, 6.8 ATI DRIVERS, Motherboard drivers, and my x-fi drivers. I also installed my dvd burner drivers too.

Is it possible that the lag is caused because I don't have service pack II, or maybe cause i have microsoft framework 1.1?

get back to me, this is kinda pissing me off.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. When I had americas army installed before (when i first reformated it, i installed it then too) I was doing the training and I was only getting about 50-60 FPS instead of my constant 84fps before I reformatted.

help plz

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Sounds like your HD isn't running at full speed, or something of the sort is slowing you down. Try going into Device Manager, in the properties of the "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" > Parrallel ATA Controller, that all of your drives are in Ultra DMA mode 5 or 6. PIO mode or lower DMA modes aren't normally selected but its a good thing to double check.

Also you may want to check the size of your page file, I like to keep my minimum size the same as the maximum (1024mb, probably overkill but doesn't hurt much to have that much). Also try to put it on a different drive, defragment then put it back on whichever drive so it'll hopefully won't be fragmented at all.

If neither thing helps I would suggest getting some virus cleaners/adware stuff. Even though its a fresh install you may have accepted something that put the stuff on your computer. Anymore it seems like its embedded in almost everything, and they're finding new ways of getting it out there every minute.

www.avast.com ~ avast virus scanner
www.lavasoft.com ~ ad-aware
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