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I just bought a thinkpad w530. I didn't upgrade the ram because I wanted to do it myself.

What should I be most keen on as I shop laptop memory? Is it the timings, effective speed or something else? I know back in the good old days you just matched the core speed with the FSB and that was the optimal memory. The i7 Idoesn't even have an FSB. So what do I match the RAM to?

I'm looking at getting 8GB (4x2GB, and will sell the 1 stick that comes with the laptop so they are matched). I was told that getting memory with lower voltages, 1.35 vs 1.5, will extend battery life, so I would be interested in getting such memory. I'm not sure how true that is though.

If you'd like to list the specs of memory you would suggest, that would be fine. Or if you'd just like to link a specific set of memory modules from newegg or somewhere, that would be fine too.

If more information is needed for a good answer, please say so. Any help is appreciated.