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Ok - I took a punt on this card yesterday second hand in the hope that some BIOS tweaking might help resolve the issue of it sometimes not starting at all, and / or going to complete black screen within seconds of a 3d app loading.

I know this was a very common issue - most likely resolved by RMA. This card is out of warranty period.

I have editd the bios to boost the voltage in performance mode, reducing the boot up issue by about 80%.

However, I cannot seem to resolve the issue of a complete black screen when running a 3d app.

This is a VRM issue right? So, should under-clocking / reducing voltage in 3D mode using software (afterburner) alleviate the issue.

Does anyone know what clock state the card starts up in? (I'm assuming performance 3d mode) This would help me get the required fixes into the BIOS. If its low power 3d mode that it boots in, this would make my job a LOT easier as I can set different clock domains / voltage plains.

I've done a tonne of searching, but can't seem to find anyone who delved deep into the issue.

Replace VRMs? Strap a fan to them??

Any idea's fellow experts?