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Issues with swfFit

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I'm using swfFit to try to add a scroll bar and to resize a certain site of mine for people who are using browsers at lower resolution.

I finally got the javascript to work, but now I'm dealing with the flash page being thrown in the bottom right corner and the horizontal nav bar ideally would not be there.

Too see what I'm talking about, go here (This is by no means a completed product, just a splash page).

ETA: I'm also using swfObject which came recommended with another tutorial, but all I did was include the script file in my directory and reference it in the HTML via script. Not sure what else to do with it.
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Actually, it seems I'm having this issue across the board on multiple sites I've made with different browsers on different resolutions.

What script can I use to just resize the whole size to fit the screen automatically?
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So, still having this issue. The javascript aspect just won't work for me. And I've tried numerous AS3 tips with no luck either.

Ideally, instead of getting a nav bar to scroll down, the website would scale accordingly to the browsers resolution, so if I take a browser window, and resize it all I want the site scales with it.

What am I missing?
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Thanks to everyone that helped. Didn't get it resolved. Going back to HTML.
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