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I agree that buying a real mechanical would be best. $45 is a lot to spend on an MY keyboard. Here are some other mechanical keyboards around that price. The NMB keyboard is the best quality out of the three and has switches that feel somewhat like MX Blues. The first one should have MX Blacks. The Focus 2001s are also good but I would chose a winkeyless one.




These wang keyboards are nice too but you would need to get a cord for it:

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I have no idea about these old mechanical keyboard models. But it is hard to find many new models under $75.
However if you like the clicky blue switches which are preferred for typing then I suggest you seriously consider the QuickFire Rapid
or any other similar type of mechanical keyboard that uses cherry mx switches and is covered by a warranty.

I mean for $66 isn't it better to get something with a proper warranty and is brand new:

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I love looking for mechanical keyboards on ebay these days. Lots of gem in there. new and old. I'd prefer a "proper" Cherry MX as well. Good luck!
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That keyboard would not last very long, with the MY switches.The switches will last 5 years or more, but chances are its a cheap KB, so the housing could break easily, etc.I would get a used Model M for under $50, or a CM Quickfire for $80-..The Model M is classified by many people the best keyboard.On a bidget, I would HIGHLY reccomend a used model m, however, a quickfire is brand new, so if you have the money, buy that.
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Is the HP KB-9970 a mechanical keyboard? it has the clicky clack sound and weighs like 3-5 pounds... Anyone know? Is so what switches is that?
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