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[Scratch Build] The Box

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Hello all,
This wil be the build log of the scratch built case that is going to be named ‘The Box’. Enjoy and comment if you have any questions or tips. Don’t be too hard though, I’m just 14 years old and this is my second case mod (: The final case will have a high gloss black finish, with on the front panel a Pc-window with in the center a fan and behind the window a blue-lit mobo, the case will be in the form of a cube, but rotaed, a bit like this one 2wecfas.jpg, I hope this makes it more clear, if not: comment with your question, or wait for the final product!
First for the specs of the PC, I will make a case for my PC that I use for editing videos and other heavy work, even though the specs aren’t that great, it is from 2009 I think, and it costed 230 euros at the time, really cheap... The specs:
Mobo: Asus M2N68-AM
GPU: On-board
HDD: Samsung HD252HJ 250GB
PSU: MS-Tech ATX Netzeil (model unknown)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ (2297,9 MHz)
RAM: 2GB Samsung 1Rx8 pc2 5300u 555 12 27 zz (DDR2)

So, that are the not-so-impressive specs. Now on to the build log ( :

This is the original case, in which I bought this PC, a great case. There was not really a reason for me to want this case gone, but I have vacation, so I thought to make another case mod as a holiday-project.

The first thing I did was to get all the parts that I would need in my new case, out of the old case. Then I made a life-size model of the cube where all the hardware was going to be built-in, from paper. The dimensions of this cube are: 28cm x 28cm x 28cm

Then there were a few components I had to buy, first the power switch, the one in my old case wasn’t really usable for this project, so I asked for one at a local store, and they had one for €1,50.

I came to the idea to make a PC window at the front side of the cube, by watching a lot of Mnpctech videos, and implemented it in my design, of course the mobo, that will sit directly behind the windows, had to be lighted blue, so I went to a electronics store to buy blue LEDs, they sold them for €1,24 a piece, that is really expensive for me, as I thought of 10 to 20 LEDs to light up the mobo, and I don’t have that much money, so I bought 4 and went to another shop to see if they had any toys with blue LEDs, and I bought 2, each for €1. At home I got some other LEDs from some PC mice I had laying around, to make a total of 8 LED’s.

Here you see one of the expensive LEDs that I bought in the electronics store. (Yeah, I know it is connected to the wrong wires, I have to have orange and black, as I found out later) I did not think this was going to do the job of lighting the mobo nice, and went on the internet to look for some cheap LED strips, and I found what I was looking for on DealExtreme. (Link: http://dx.com/p/2-4w-192lm-48-led-blue-light-flexible-strip-12v-48cm-135968) I ordered 2 of them, to make sure I had enough light, but it will take a while for them to arrive, the last time I ordered something on DX it took 5 weeks to arrive...

I also needed a fan with blue LEDs to get some ventilation in my case, and I found exactly what I was looking for in a shop that I had never heard of before, for just €8,-!

Then we calculated how big the pieces of MDF had to be, and how we were going to put the box together. We sawed the pieces of MDF under an angle of 45 degrees, so we would not have any hard-to-paint edges of the wood.

As you can see here, we sawed the pieces under an angle of 45 degrees wink.gif

The next thing we did, was to saw out the front panel for the PC window, the square thing in the middle is where the fan is going to be placed.

Then we made some ventilation holes in the back part, to the air that was sucked in by the fan, could leave through it (in the picture only the dots of where the holes have to be)

Then we taped the box together to see if the pieces fit, and they did!

We fitted in all the components and marked their places.

We glued the box together and let it dry overnight, on the picture the extra glue is already removed and the edges are sanded.

Then we sawed the box in 3, so I can take the box apart when I need to reach the mobo or something like that.

We applied primer to al the edges, so they wouldn’t suck up all the paint later on.

Thats all I have for now, more to come soon!
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Hey all!
Today we did some more work on The Box, and the end is near… Here a whole new part of the log, enjoy!

First, for those interested, this is a part of the workshop we make this case in, it is in our yard and is my dad’s workplace, a great place for these kinds of projects!

We made holes for the mobo I/O, the power switch and the antennas of the wifi chipset.

Here you see the mobo in place, I think I’m going to paint the silver piece black too, as the rest of The Box’ outside will be black too…

Hole for the power cable, in the bottom part of the case.

And we had some great help from Serge, who slept over here and wanted to help (:

The support for the mobo!

And we already painted the 2 top parts of the case metallic blue on the inside!

Painting the support for the mobo black, you can see them through the window…

That’s it for today!
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That looks good, nice work thumb.gif
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Hey all!
Just an update to tell you there won't be any updates the upcoming 2 weeks, I'm on holiday to Spain...

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Hey all! I'm back from my holiday in Spain, meanwhile my LEDs have arrived, the look nice, pictures will come in the next real update...
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Worked some more on The Box today, did as much as we could do without waiting for things drying, enjoy!

First up some info and pictures of the leds I got.


Perfect English: Simply installation

One of the strips connected to the PSU, the LEDs are superbright, bright enough to light up my whole room with 2 strips.

Bought plexiglass.

And a aluminum strip to keep the box together.

Chinese quality: Already 1 led is dead, hope no more will follow in the upcoming years…

While trying to make a hole in the Plexiglas, it broke ): luckily we bought enough to make more pieces.


The fan and the Plexiglas (with protecting foil) in the front panel.

The aluminum piece in its place (one of four pieces)

All the pieces in place, that’s all for today, as the glue has to dry.
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Hey all! Tiny update for today, but it costed more time than you may think (:

Aluminum strips in place, The Box fits perfectly (:

Mount for the PSU, so it does not cover the ventilation holes in the bottom, it will be placed on some blocks.

Mount for the HDD

First layer of high-gloss black paint on the top part, it looks nice, some little spots that say ‘I’m home made!’, but I’m not a professional either (:

That’s all for today, I said tiny update wink.gif in the next days I think I’ll be painting everything.
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Hey all! Update today, hard work the last days, but it’s almost done!

A lot of painting, re-painting, sanding and painting this week, the great paint we had was not enough for the whole case, so I went out to buy some more, but they did not sell the same brand anymore, so I bought another brand. When we painted some more with it, it reacted with the other layer of paint, so that was not so nice, we sanded it and put it in the primer, but nothing really seemed to work, the last option was to sand everything off, all the layers of paint, and start again, so that was what I did, and then the high-gloss paint was not so high-gloss, so I had to buy car-paint, which also was not so high-gloss, but after rubbing it in with some kind of polish the finish was good enough.

The thing for the outputs of the mobo, painted black.

The mobo in place.

The outputs, looks professional huh?!

Aluminum pipes in the ventilation holes, IRL it looks even better than on the picture!

Window in place.

The PSU and HDD in the bottom part.

The only screws on the outside of the case!

LEDs in place! Looks super good.

Another picture.

Last one.

And that’s it! The last thing to do is to make a stand for the case, will post another update to show it, and of course I will make some more professional photos and maybe even a video wink.gif
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I'd agree, you need some better photos, but the fact that you started this project and completed it... I'm amazed!


I really like the design and all the work you put into this!

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Made the stand for the case yesterday, looks super great! High-quality studio pics are coming soon! Thanks for the great reply!
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