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Just a quick pic of the new GTX680 block that has arrived - yeah yeah, I know I've a GTX670, but, this is the non-reference GTX670 based on the reference GTX680 PCB - confusing?

Anyway, it will work fine, and I will fit it on the weekend. Please note the small new Pico ITX Commell LP-172NS (1.86 dual-core) motherboard sitting there for size-reference - tiny little bugger, plus, I have mounted the Intel 310 80GB msata drive to it - works like a charm, and way off-topic, (but ****it, this is my thread) but you can specify Msata as an option to this little board.

Nice and quick setup for industrial applications, let me tell you smile.gif

Back on-topic, I will follow up with pics of the setup fitted on the weekend - just doing a few quick and very basic default 3dMark2011 runs, getting a score of P8251 with everything stock.

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As promised, an update.

Next step in the evolution of this build, is to prep the motherboard to accept the APD2, which even though a few has suggested, I believe will require a bit more palnning and work to finally get the board back in the case, with the shiny new APD2 fitted.

Here is a pic of the motherboard with the stock dinky Intel cooler...


and a side-side of the new APD2 vs the stock cooler - I am sure a few of you are wondering what the physical dimensions of the APD2 are, here's a good comparison:




Here are the 2 brackets that is provided with the APD2, we will be using the one on the right...

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A shot of the board, ready to go just prior to installing the APD2:


at least the back-plate/retention mechanism is not going to be causing any hassles, and clearing any of the components on the back of the board - very easy, nice and clean, simple, and well designed, Swiftech smile.gif


Well, on the front-side, things are a little different, and not by fault of the APD2 design at all, more to do with the location of the CPU socket on this board - I had to swing the APD2 to sit in this orientation - if I did not worry about fitting the back-plate to the GFX, it would have just about allowed the GFX to slide in next to the port outlet-port on the Drive...

Seeing that I wanted to use the back-plate (for e-peen of course), I settled on this one:


Then comes the next issue, clearance to the ram-slots -> have a looky :




not really an issue, as the pics are a little deceiving, and you can actually slot the inboard ram in without any hassle:


Make sure you select low-profile ram, or, standard ram without heatsinks - they are not needed anyway, not on anything other than previous generation FB-DIMMS for servers....yes, I am sure....

Of course, I had the nice and yummy G Skill Rip Jaws, which came with heatspreaders - and decided to remove them...


*** - 2 of the chips remained behind on the double-sided frag-tape - I would say poor quality soldering in the reflow process, G Skill.

First time ever this happened, and I guess I won't be buying G Skill again real soon frown.gif No worries, will order better/more suitable ram tonight, and pick it up early in the week....no biggie, just a waste of a good few $$'s...must admit, have been years and years since I've lost any hardware...
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With the APD2 fitted to the motherboard, next step was to tackle the GFX Card.

Please note, the card I have is the GB Windforce GTX 670, which is NOT BASED on the GTX 670 reference design, but rather on the default GTX 680 board....hence, for those that wonder why I am using a GTX 680 WB and Backplate with a GTX 670 card...

Here is the back of the card with default cooler fitted...


and the front....boring, I know....


a comparison of the stock cooler vs the new Watercool WB:


another one:


Well, here goes, bare, naked in all her glory, exposing her inner core to my beady old eyes...


Fixed up the behind, way more attractive now, don't you think?


and the front, jeesh, I just luv this waterblock - big, heavy, no EK nickel-plated problems here....


Again, apologies for the poor image-quality, I am struggling to make this little camera take consistent shots, most likely operator-error.
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Why I use screws as opposed to pop-rivets to secure the PSU-cage back in place, after modding it for better cable management....below is the reason smile.gif Vindicated, haha...

Positioned the motherboard down on the tray, and yes, problem.....


In order to get the APD2 backplate to fit without interfering with the SMC devices, it sits rather proud of the back-surface of the Asrock board - will be the same for any other board, and, I suspect most aftermarket coolers will have the same issue.

This is why I alluded to earlier that BitFenix should have done a bit more homework, overall a nice case, but certain short-comings. The firs was the rear PSU-wall, which needed opening, and the second, either longer motherboard-standoffs, with the accompanying adjustment of the IO-port opening on the case, or, another opening in the PSU-cage/motherboard-tray.....

For my setup, I decided to cut on the magenta lines, as indicated in the pic - this is only because I was running out of steel cutting-discs for my Dremel, and was in no mood to drive to Bunnings to pick up a couple more....

For those of you with enough discs, it would be better to mark/cut as per the blue lines, as this will give you compatibility with the other boards out there too, without any hassles....


ah well, out with the permanent marker, masking-tape .....all ready to go to the Dremel...


Much better, looking snazzy....




and now sitting nice onto the standoffs, with the APD2 backplate ever so slightly recessed into the newly made relief...

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In with the GFX card, fitting pretty well, and must say, the BF case doing much better here on average that the very expensive Lian-Li cases, which always seems to have the card not quite sitting well enough onto the card retention bracket....


and from the other side...


Now, time to give you an idea about the clearance between the Radiator and the board, with fans fitted....pretty decent amount of space left....remember, I have a 63mm thick Feser 240 rad here, so it is quite beefy...


playing a bit with fittings....


and tubing....


Now, I have decided to replace the Feser rad with a Nexxxos UT60 240mm unit rather, due to the multiport configuration of that rad, as well as the rear fillport.

I do not want to use a reservoir in this build, yes, there is enough space to easily accommodate that, but, routing of the tubing would be a problem.
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Now, sharp eyes will pickup that the rad is obscuring the 2 ports on the GFX card - I have plugged them, and my tubing will come from the opposite side of the GFX card, or the front-side, if you will....

Had a good think about the tubing, and how it will go, and have a decent workable solution...

Once I have the Nexxxos UT 60 in the week, I will update with more prgress.

Of course, also am awaiting the RAM.

Clumsy mrbean
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Anyway, just forked out for a new Nexxxos UT60 240mm rad from Stelios at TKR - great, I need those extra ports to do a proper job of routing the tubing, as well as use one as a fill-port, seeing this setup will go without a reservoir.

Should have the goodies Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully Stelios can get it on its way tomorrow.

Just incase I need a reservoir (which I shouldn't), and not to have further delays, I have ordered a Technofront Nano too.

If this is proven to be redundant for this mod, I will/can use it somewhere else, no problem.

Just a minor hiccup, this delay, but should be able to post a few more progress-shots mid-week. Getting very close with the WC part now, after this, all that remains is the PSU.

A bit of a special treat for it too :lol:

edit: Ok, forgot to mention, I have also ordered 5x GT 120mm PWM fans - 2 for this built, and 3 for my Blackbird. Hopefully Stelios will get it out to me by Hump-day.

Hopefully running the GT's at around 1000rpm will have them very quiet....Wife will be happy = Life is good. Excellent.
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Hello Guys,
Just a very big thumbs-up to sammy_boi over at OCAU, who is sending me some decent Samsung low-profile RAM over to cover for the ones I fooked up.....

Sam is not using his, and offered it to me, so I have ordered another set from the USA for Sam, which may take 10-12 days, but it means I can get Prodigy running by Wednesday with his kind offer.

You're a Gentlemen, Sam, thanx Mate.

Very rare in this day and age, especially on the big ol' WWW.
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Ah, life is good.

Stelios from TKR in Australia has informed me my parcel have shipped today, so I might still have the new radiator and GT fans tomorrow - then some action tomorrow evening, fitting the new rad, and routing of the tubing.

Nice, can hardly wait smile.gif
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