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I cannot speak for other users. I check the temps primarily as a way to know if I did the installation correctly. That is the first set of double checks every builder knows they have to do.

After that, the temp check is to confirm things are working as they are supposed to. I don't check temps every hour, or even every day. But an occasional look at the temps let's me know if I have an issue to resolve.

It is a shame that Intel has the focus that ignores this type of monitoring. Yes, what they do is useful and helpful, but it leads to some confusion. It is not sensible that having 4 cores (which are very close together) have a 5 or 6 degree Celsius temperature difference at idle.
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An update.

I have been converting dvds for the last 3 days. At NO time did the temps get above 54 degrees Celsius. I can hear the Corsair H80i pump get louder during that time, which brings the temps below 50c! Typical is about 47c!

So, all is working.... By the way, the cpu load never got above 80 percent! Amazing.

I suspect the i7-3820, during the binning process, failed the normal tests. I would bet they found that if they upped the clock speed, it would run ok. Hot, but run. I would bet that if I tried to run it at the more 'normal' speed of 3.2Ghz, I would get failures. So I will NOT be 'underclocking' the cpu.

So, I am happy with the results. I will continue to check the temps and cpu load. I suspect I won't have any issues.
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Here are my temps folding. I will be tweeking the voltage after the chimp challenge so I might be able to lower some voltage.

I don't have the best overclocking cpu and also have a POS mobo. I did buy the combo for $265 shipped so I really can't complain

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