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Build Log: Project Rampage (Corsair 800D Full WC Setup)

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Project Rampage is being voted as Rig of the Month of March by Guru3D 2013

Details can be found here at Guru3D site.

This is a build log which the rig is completed and up running. Minor changes might be made to the loop as I am still waiting for some additional fittings to arrive from Performance PC. As for now I am sharing my build log for this first watercooling project that I took on 3 months ago.

From the initial budget of thw watercooling project only USD $300 - $400 to USD $2700. But the amount of satisfaction to complete this project its like dreams came true.

Hi, I am from Singapore and this is my first ASUS ROG motherboard and also my very first attempt to do up a full watercooling rig.

Previous built I was using ASrock P67 Fatality Professional with air cooling (Iceage Boss2 HSF) then I moved AIO watercooling setup using Antec Khuler 920.

What inspires me to create or start off this project is to fulfill my dream of having a cool looking rig which not only performs well but also staying coo and silentl at all time.

Project Rampage is completed recently and below is the work log which will shows the progress made for the past two months.

Latest Pictures:

Front View of the Current Rig

MSI 680GTX Twin FrozrIII SLI with Koolance VID680/EVGA 680GTX Baclplates

ROG Colour Scheme Cable Sleeves

Internal Rig 01 (Previous Rig Setup)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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Specs are as follow:


ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
i7 Intel 3930K C2
Corsair Vengence 8 X 4GB DDR3 1600 CL9
MSI 680GTX Twin ForzrIII 2GB X 2 SLI Mode
Seasonic X1250

Western Digital 1TB Black Cavier (Application Drive)
Seagate 2TB Green (Storage Drive)
Samsung 810 128GB SSD (Games Application Drive)
ADATA SP900 128GB SSD (Boot Drive)
Sony 24X DVDRW

Enclosure and Fan Controller:
Corsair 800D (Custom Paint White)
Lamptron FC5V2 (For controlling all of Radiator Fans)
Lamptron Touch (For controlling LEDs Strips)

Audioengine A5 (white)
Audioengine S8 Subwoofer (white)
Audinst HUD MX-1 USB DAC

Samsung S27A850D (27 Inch)

Watercooling Components:

Water Blocks:
EK Supreme HF Nickel Plexi X 1
Koolance VID-NX680 Full Cover Blocks X 2
EVGA 680GTX Backplate X 2
Bitspower Universal Galaxy Nickel Plexi 4DIMM X 2
Koolance Rampage IV Extreme Nickel Motherboard Water Blocks

EK Multioption X2 250 Advance
Koolance RP450X2 V1.2

EK XTX 360
EK XT 240

Pumps & Tops
Swiftech MCP655 X 2
Bitspower Mod Kit (Matt Black) X 2
Bitspower D5 V2 Pump Top Plexi X 2

9 X Gentle Typhoons AP12
1 X NZXT 140mm

Fittings & Extenders
42 X Bitspower Compression Fittings 3/8 ID 5/8 OD
16 X 45 Degrees Rotary (Bitspower)
17 X 90 Degrees Rotary (10 EK, 7 Bitspower)
3 X Bitspower Q Rotary Fittings
1 X Bitspower Q Fittings
1 X Bitspower Y Rotary Fittings
2 X Bitspower Dual Rotary 90 Degree Fittings
3 X 45 Degrees Extender (Bitspower)
1 X 60 Degrees Extender (Bitspower)
14 X Extender (6 X Bitspower, 8 X EK)
4 X 20mm Extender (2 Bitspower, 2 Phoyba)
2 X 25mm Extender (Enzotech)
2 X 50mm Extender (Phoyba)
4 X Phoyba G14 Male to Male Rotary
4 X Bitspower D-Plug (1 Inch)
2 X Bitspower MINI D-Plug
6 X Bitspower Multi Transfer Adapter
2 X Koolance Multi Transfer Adapter
1 X Bitspower T Fitting Rotary
1 X Bitspower T Fitting
6 X Male to Male fittings (Feser)
13 X Stop Plug (2 Bitspower, 11 Feser)
1 X Sealing Plug (Bitspower)
1 X Flow Indicator (Bitspower)
1 X Crystal LED Stop Plug (Bitspower)
2 X Case Panel Fittings (Feser)
1 X Temperature Sensor Plug (Bitspower)
1 X Koolance Filter Fitting
6 X XSPC Barb
2 X Feser Barb
3 X Koolance Quick Disconnect (Female 3/8 ID Male 5/8 OD)
2 X Koolance Quick Disconnect (Male 3/8 ID Male 5/8 OD)
2 X Koolance Quick Disconnect (Male G1/4 Thread)
4 X Koolance Dual VID Fittings
1 X Koolance RP450X2 Serial Pump Fitting
1. X Koolance Pressure Valve Fittings
2. X Phoyba Pressure Valve Fittings
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Below are the few initial illustrations of how my early stages of planning how the loop is going to be. Among the three drafts I was leaning towards the loop order of Config 3..

Config 01

Config 02

Config 03

Final Loop Order:

The final decided loop order had included the second reservoir which is the Koolance RP450X2 Bay reservoir and also the last minute decided purchases of 2 pieces of Bitspower Universal Galaxy Nickel Plexi 4DIMM Blocks.

With a total of 6 different waterblocks and lots of angled rotaries extenders fittings to be used, I worried a lot about the flow.

But personally, my main aim of this built is Looks > Temperature. I wanted a rig which is neat (less tubing running across the systems) and cool.
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Project Rampage starts off with purchases of 9 pieces of Gentle Typhoons and gotten them painted to Scarlet Red and gotten the wires sleeved up.

Red Fan Blades Gentle Typhoons!!


Sleeving done on my GTs

After painting the GTs and sleeved them all up. Next step I did was to paint the fan grills' frame.


Planned to use a total of 2 X 120mm, 1 X 240 and 1 X 360 Radiators. Bought and flushed them but in the end, I shelved the idea of sandwiching the 120mm Rads and sold them off.


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Army of Fittings (Initial purchases which resulted even more of them at a later date which counted to around 130 - 140 Fittings)



Bought a Black and Decker RTX tool and started to custom cut 2 holes ( 1 X 240 Radiator Hole and 1 X 120mm Fan Hole)


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Custom Made 5.25inch Bays Side Cover with Fan Hole

Do note that the illustration above is without the 140mm fan hole. It was when I was going to get the acrylic material then I decide to include a 140mm fan hole. So I had increased the length of the sheet from 260mm > 400mm in order to accommodate the 140mm fan.

Took the RTX Tool and Cut the 140mm Fan Hole and drilled screw holes for it.


I had also custom made a PSU Chamber Acrylic Cover for the built. This will be use to cover the PSU Chamber as shown in the photo below. I also tested fit the SIde Panel Acrylic with the 140mm Fans and Fan Filter Mounted on.

Securing the whole stucture using the 140mm Fan Screws. Instead of using normal screws, I had purchased Socket Heads screws for the built.

Test Fitting the Panels


Socket Head Screws



Pretty happy with the PSU Chamber and 5.25 Side Bay Covers:
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Had been tearing my head how to mount my 2 X MCP 655 pumps. Although Corsair 800D is consider a pretty spacious case, but when I start to place the WC components inside. The space in the case seems very tight. So I came out with an idea of how to place the two MCP655s !!!

2 X MCP 655 Stacked together[/B]


But I scraped the idea as the tower of Pumps actually blocked the view of the EK Reservoir and also restricted me a lot due to the tower.

Besides brainstorming ideas of how to go about stacking/placing the pumps I had also took out one of my XFX7970 and strip him naked and fix him onto his new sexy outfit.





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Took a day off and started to fix up the radiators and some of the fittings into place to prep for the Final Setup Day.

Casing Front View


Casing Side View


Casing Back View


Casing 5.25 Inch Bays


Koolance RP450 X2

Replace my NZXT LX Fan Controller with this sexy little beast


Custom made Acrylic to hide the 5.25 Bays and hold a 140mm fan


24pin ATX Sleeved Cables


PSU Chamber and Mobo Chamber

Had custom made a pillar using a 5.25 cover as support


EK XT240 Radiator Mounted


EK XTX 360 Radiator Mounted

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Interior (Test Setup)
Installed the Sata Cover which hides the unglamorous cables from sight. Finally came in after ordering for 2 months. Below is the Test Setup of the Watercooling Loop which one of the 7970s with Blocks on installed.


For all cables, I am using NZXT Sleeved Cables Extension and individually sleeved alternate cables to create the alt black and red cables. I used thin cable ties to keep the cables close to one another to maintain the clean and neat outlook.

Koolance QDC lead from Koolance RP450X2 to 2nd Pump below


Swiftech MCP 655 with Bitspower Mod Kit and Bitspower V2 D5 Pump Top


Using Feser Case Panel Fittings and Bitspower D Plug to allow fittings to join up in between the Mobo Chamber and PSU Chamber


Pipeline of Fittings with Bitspower Flow Indicator


XFX 7970 with EK Nickel Block, EK Backplate and EK 7970 I/O Plate


Custom Spray PCI Slots

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Replaced my Razer Blackwidow Stealth and Razer Nostromo with this new Ducky Shine White LED Keyboard. Had bought a set of white on white key caps to go with it as well.

Ducky Shine (White LED with White on White Keycaps)


WASD LED light turned on


My Current Setup


Now my setup is almost full white except for my Cyborg RAT 9 and my Samsung 27inch screen which I not intending to bleach them to white hahaha.
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