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Just an update.

Image of my rig 5th August 2012 (more changes coming up)


PSU Chamber: Added a QDC as a drain port


Do note that beside removal of the bay res, I had also redone some of the fittings such as the fittings of 360 rad > Ram 01 and also I had shifted the GPUs to 2 Slots higher as I "might" add another 7970 in the near future.

Currently I am considering getting 2 more 27inch (2560X1440) screens to do eyeinfinity setup, which most likely I would get 2 X Crossover 27inch screens to match my current Samsung S27A850D
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Past few weeks, my 7970s had given me tons of problems.... This is the same issue which I faced when I had 6970 Lightning xfire.... The nightmare had returned..

It all began after I updated to the latest 12.8 CAT drivers. After updating, all games when run in xfire mode will have the random black screen issues and will have to force reboot.

Tested individual cards and both run fine and did reformat and the problem still persist. Also tried driver cleaner and rollback to older CAT drivers but still the same.

So I had no choice but to sell those babies away.....

But what is the next upgrade or replacement for my 7970 crossfire setup. My choices are, 7990 (powercolor), 690 GTX, 680 GTX SLI, 670 GTX SLI.

If I were to get 670 GTX SLI, the performance will be the same with my current setup. As for 690 GTX, I am not ready to pay 1.5k SGD for downclock versions of dual 680.

7990, not getting it coz the phobia of the same issue I faced with my 7970 xfire still lingers in my head.

I chose 680 GTX SLI among the options as it has the performance and stability I need. Sorry AMD fan boys, but till now nividia yet to fail me (since using 580 Lightning SLI).

As I am going to WC my cards, so my choices are either MSI, ASUS and EVGA as they are fine with users removing their coolers.

But my local stores all ran out of 680 GTX Reference for all these brands... But I found out that MSI 680 GTX Twin Frozr III are using reference pcb so I gotten two pcs of it.
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Made my purchase of 2 X MSI 680 GTX Twin Frozr III at my local computer store.



Kiss goodbye to my 2 X XFX 7970 Double Ds.

Since I bought new cards, I will have to hunt for new blocks for these two new babies. I am avoiding EK blocks for now. When I first started WC, I did not know about EK's Nickel issue and had bought most of my blocks from EK to have that uniform outlook.

During draining of my 7970s I had found a very small pc of silver/metal particle and dont know if its the nickel flakes. But I had spot no flaking or corrosion on my 7970 blocks though.

Another reason why I am not considering EK is because of its design. Damn ugly with those circles imprint on the block and also the inlet and outlet has reduced from 4 to 2 ports and they are facing outwards or downwards which dont made any sense to me how user friendly it is.

I wanted Aquacomputer Nickel 680 blocks but it was out of stocks and I am left with Heatkiller and Koolance. But in the end I chose Koolance due to the port placements (far apart comparing to the previous EK, AC and Heatkiller).

As my MSI 680 GTX does not comes with any backplate and would like to get two pcs of them to have a cleaner look. As heatkiller someone had posted complaining the backplate had fried two of his EVGA 680s or 670s. So I am left with AC, EVGA and EK.

I chose to get EVGA as it looks great and the price is pretty affordable too.
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Removed my 7970s and also took the chance to install a new PSU which I had gotten 2 months ago. I swapped out my Corsair HX1050 for Seasonic X1250 for full modular and gold efficiency PSU. I had also individually sleeved the cables with the color theme of ROG.

After removing the 7970s I had to do a temporary loop for my rest of my rig while waiting for my blocks to arrive from US.

Temporary Loop of my rig while waiting for blocks

It really saddens me a lot whenever I look at the above picture as I pretty much miss the previous loop setup....
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Yesterday morning received a SMS from singpost that my package is ready to self collect. after good 12 days of anxious waiting. Wasted no time, rushed down to my local post office in the noon and grab the long waited stuff.

Items received are, 2 X Koolance VID680 and 2 X EVGA 680GTX Backplate.

The backplates are a gamble as I had read that EVGA Backplate are unlike the previous backplates for 580. 680 Backplate have fitting issues with non evga blocks. And not counting the risk of frying of my card due to backplate touching the capacitor (heatkiller has this issue)

My new blocks for my MSI 680 GTX Twin Frozr SLI

Rushed home after a fast dinner with wife, since she complained she not feeling too well so its a good excuse to rush home.

First thing I did was to remove one card and tried to fix the block to the card. Surprisingly that mounting of block is super fast and a lot easier than my previous XFX 7970 (Removing the sticker is PITA).

The block itself looks great and I had followed a guide on youtube on how to fit EVGA backplate to Koolance block.

Koolance Block Mounted

EVGA 680 Backplate Mounted
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Leak tested the first block, as wish to check if the backplate will fried my card so one block at a time.

Tested and works okie and no burning smoke or fire so went on to fix the second block.

For current loop, I decided that I will want to fully utilize my 3 pairs of Koolance QDC (additional bought 2 more threaded male QDC to be used with blocks) so I installed on the QDC to my 680s which allow me to remove the cards easier as I had difficulty removing my 7970 previously due to the pipelines of fittings haha... Its really a nightmare and given me a lot of headache on how to remove my 7970s and how to drain them.

MSI 680 SLI with Koolance VID680 & EVGA Backplate

Did some quick arrangement of the newly sleeved cables of my Seasonic X1250 and pretty happy with the end result.

Front View of the Loop.


For my previous Crossfire built I am using two Crossfire ROG ribbon which looks better but since I only have one ROG SLI ribbon. I chose to use the triple SLI connector as it looks neater compared to SLI ribbon.

Overall I am very happy with the current loop with my GPU idle temps both hovering around 34 - 35 Degrees (40% Fan Speed) and 30 - 32 Degrees (100% Fan Speed), my ambient temperature is 26 degrees.

And installing Koolance QDC to the GPU > Rad had made me a lot easier to maintain and drain. Overall process took me around 6 hours which includes fixing both GPU blocks with backplate, draining part of the loop, refit the fittings, installation of blocks to rig and a couple of leak test.

In terms of outlook, I do miss EK's plexi blocks (coz can put LED and bling bling), but the EK Nickel issue is really bothering me....

Koolance block somehow blend into my built very well due to the placement of the ports. Both ports are placed apart and with them it blend in with my 2 Ram blocks which I think look pretty cool.

Overall, I am really impressed with Koolance blocks. They are very very generous with the thermal pads compared to EK. They supplied 2 big square pcs of thermal pads per block which I had used only one pad for two blocks which left me 3 more huge pcs of thermad pads.

They also supplied thermal compund but I had choose to use my MX4 instead, but its always good to have manufacturers supplying these essential items to consumers.

Built wise, the blocks were well crafted but the milling on the blocks were not as good as those from AC or WC but its a lot a lot better than EK.

I had done a quick Borderlands 2 run to test the temps during gaming. 10 mins into the game my temps went up to 40 - 44 degrees (in air conditioned room 26 degrees ambient). This is pretty good as my rig has a total of 7 blocks and using only a 240 and 360 radiator.

As I had worked the whole day, and came back to fix up the loop for 6 hours till 3am in the morning. I will shoot glamor shots of my rig during the weekend. I am also intending to remove my Enermax Duo Vegas exhaust fan as its too much red led in my rig and fix back my red blade GTs back into the rig.

As for the GPU's I/O plates, I did not spray paint it to red as I intend to leave it as chrome silver will will purchase 3 more PCI silver slots as the slots will be able to blend with the pipelines of fittings I have and will give the red thumbscrews more contrast (I am also lazy to paint them as I just want the cards to be WC ASAP)
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Took some pics of my updated rig.

Front View of the Current Rig



MSI 680GTX Twin FrozrIII SLI with Koolance VID680/EVGA 680GTX Baclplates

New Cable Sleeves
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Will be getting new PCI slots (silver) to replace those painted ones.

Did a very very simple mod to cover up the SLI bridge two weeks ago. Took out a metal mesh from my HAF X 5.25 bay covers and trimmed it into size before using Velcro to secure it to the ASUS SLI Bridge.

I had also removed all of my UV LEDs and replace them with white LEDs which personally I think it looks better than the UV ones.

DIY SLI bridge cover

In e near future when I am going to do maintenance of loop I will be changing my tubings to Black. and will be going for Black and Chrome for the main theme.

Right now my local hardware store having a promotion. a EVGA 680 2gb selling only at around $400 USD. Very much tempted to get one for myself. But if I were to get it, I will require to get another block for it and have to think of a solution to place the pump which for now it is placed just below the 2 X 680 cards.
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Wow this is easily the sickest WC loop I've ever seen. Very, very nice. Excellent work REP+
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As someone whose just about to build their wc loop, the amount of fittings you've used has made me paranoid that I might run out biggrin.gif Looks seriously awesome though, nice work!
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