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MCP65-B mounting

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I originally planned on mounting this in my 5.25" bay slots, but then I learned it wouldn't suck the water, only push, so I have to have it below my res.
Here is what it looks like now: http://db.tt/A2YaduwS
Immagine a 250mm res between the mobo and HDD bay or higher.
Where can I put this huge pump?
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i just ordered the koolance D5 top to convert to a reservoir mount to keep it together and tidy.
will mount mine (arc midi w/120mm res) under the opti. since you have a rad, they do have
a fan bridge to mount the pump to exactly where you have it now. this is the complete set up
and can be order seperately. i was almost ready to order the bitspower, but just couldn't spend
$150 excluding the pump. maybe later, if this doesn't blow my skirt up...

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Thank you. I was really trying to avoid this because I love the way the res looks, so my final mounting position is with the 240 vertical in the front of the case with a push pull, and the pump has all the room n the world, but it looks ugly...I'll have to hide it somehow.
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