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Searching the best DDR3 Mem for 775 Extreme OC

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Hey guys,
I'm from Germany and new to Overclock.net. A few days ago I started serious SuperPi 32M benching, tweaked my OS, everything was running fine. Could get a few nice scores (for example 22 Hardware points with my Q6600@Singlestage), but my Ram isn't exactly what I need to get to the top5. As I am probably getting a nice load of LN2 next week, I need better memory modules.
At the moment I'm using AData XPG G+, specified for 2000MHz CL9-9-9-24 and running at 1580MHz CL6-7-5-16 or 1680MHz CL7-8-6-18 (1,72V 32m stable).
I don't wanna buy twice again, so I guess I better buy the best ones currently available. Also, I think I won't buy them new but in one of the common marketplaces.

Some additional information:
  • The chips I search should be able to do 1600MHz CL5 and about 1800-1900MHz CL6 (up to 1,75V 32M stable). No loose subs, for example I don't need PSC's with 1900MHz CL6-10-6 or something.
  • Mustn't be Hynix chips (don't work on Rampage Extreme)
  • 2x2GB will do I guess?
  • Don't have to go up to 3000MHz, I basically will have to operate them between 1400 and 2000MHz.

Show me what you got biggrin.gif
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Hypers are good with the REX.

If you want something cheaper, I'd take a look at getting something with micron D9GTR. Maybe some of the first DDR3 Crucial Ballistx or g.skill sticks with the black heatspreaders.

2x1gb is what you want for D9GTR.
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Thanks. Already had a nice collection of modules to choose from, BBSE, selected PSC's, Hypers etc.
A few minutes ago I found a kit I couldn't resist, it's a red Corsair Dominator 2x2GB Kit, specified for 1866MHz CL7-8-7-24, but we all know they do much more, right.^^ Chips are MNH-E Hypers, think I will have some fun time with that. :3 Cost me about 55€, that's okay I guess.

I doubt they are able doing Tapakah-style-timings (900MHz CL6-5-5-15 is pretty legendary, I suppose that were highly selected Mushkin Redline or something), but it will still give me a nice boost.

Lately, I made a comparison between 1333MHz CL9 and 1700MHz CL7. Got me over 30 seconds less in 32M with my E8400.
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