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I7 2700K & GB z77x-ud3h overclocking help please

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Hi all,

Been learning and reading this forum like crazy since the build of my new PC! 'Tis my first post too. smile.gif
Hope you can all help me here. I'm very new to overclocking but I've managed to get my rig stable @ 4.6 GHz on prime95 @load 1.332v
MP 46X
DVID 0.000v
LLC Medium
XMP Prf1 (bumps memory to 1600 MHz and correct 10-10-10-30 timings)
All other settings to auto.
Prime 95 sits at a steady 1.332v under load
If I run the DVID any lower (-0.005v) I get a random worker error during prime95.

On the other hand, when I run Intel burn test on standard, voltage hovers between 1.332v & 1.344v is this type of voltage jump normal for Intel burn test?

Temps seam great with this cooler never going above 68 on intel burn test and 60deg during Prime95 on the warmest core (code 2)

Would love to know if I'm on the right track or any other motherboard tweaks I can do to gain some extra clocks whilst keeping voltage the same (would love to hit 4.7 GHz on current voltage). My goal is to try and keep load under 1.35v. I think I may be at the limit here.

I've run it @ 4.7 and get a BSOD whilst blending. Any adjustments I can do on the m/b to keep it stable @ 1.332v?

Full specs of my RIG
Windows 7 64 Enterprise
I7 2700K @ Medium LLC with 0.000v offset @ 4.6 GHz Prime 95 load 1.332v - Intel burn test std 1.332v /1.344v
Coolermaster 612PWN Air CPU Cooler
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H F11 BIOS
X2 8GB (16GB) Gskill Ares 1600MHZ RAM DDR3 10-10-10-30
Antec High Current Games PS (900w)
Coolermaster CM690II Advanced case
Gainward GTX 295 @ 648MHZ / Mem 1119mhz / Shader 1380mhz
1TB Western Digital Black (system)
2TB Western Digital Green

Thanks for your help all! Hopefully I can get enough knowledge to eventually hit 4.8 GHz or higher!
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My voltages do this too with Intel Burn test, except I have my offset at 0.010+ I'm running my i7 2700k at 4.5 Ghz. I have the exact same mobo too. My rig is perfectly stable at 4.5 ghz.
For 4.7 ghz though, I think you(and me I think) have just power hungry chips and the fact that it crashes at 4.7 ghz means that you need more voltage. Increase the offset voltage(DVID) by 0.010v and try that. The thing is though, this board is weird. As you might know, Sandy overclocking (esepcially with this board I found) isn`t as easy as DVID+ VID=Vcore but is DVID+ VID+LLC=final Vcore. I`ve noticed on my board that simply increasing the offset shoots the Vcore way above than if I were to calculate the Vcore like DVID+ VID=Vcore so you`re gonna have to do A LOT of experimenting to have the lowest stable voltage at 4.7ghz. I might try to reach 4.7 but I`ve gone through too much work trying to get 4.5ghz and I still think my volts are too high for 4.5.
Hope I helped in any way.
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