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Lately I have been having trouble with my OEM ADSL2+ modem that Centurytel issued us. It has been constantly dropping connection or losing it's DSL signal. I need a new modem that isn't an OEM trashcan. I'm tired of them sending us "new" modems that we have to pay for and they don't last. I need a Modem that won't break the bank but one that is better quality. It doesn't need wireless capability because I have a D-LINK DGL-4500 Router to route my connections through. thumb.gif

Budget: $75~$100

Connected devices:
4 Laptops
4 Desktops
4 Smart Phones
2 Xbox 360s

Usual devices: 8 at any time

I found this modem over at the egg and it looks pretty good:
^Nvm, reviews say it overheats too easy. I need one that is reliable.

I have heard ActionTec modems are quite good so I found this:
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