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Happy ending!

In August I got the go-ahead to mail the board to Canada for repair, with no guarantee of them being able to fix it. Due to some problems I only got around to mailing it at the end of November! Today the refurbished board is sitting on my desk and I'm typing this on the board. They fixed the issue and didn't charge me anything.

Of course there was a very long wait period for which I was without the keyboard, but like most Geekhackers I do have other boards to type on and in fact I do like a change in keyboard every few months. After half a year on Cherry Reds at home and on a modified Microsoft 4000 Ergonomic with reduced-pressure rubber domes I am finding this Cherry Brown board a bit stiff. But it is a very enjoyable buttonslab and I'm sure that it will come in handy when any of my other daily drivers need repair.