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Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mod - Case Mod Done..for now.

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Hey guys,
I'm (obviously) the owner of a Thermaltake V3 Black Edition and am going to be doing some mods soon as my parts come from Ebay and go to HomeDepot to get an Acrylic sheet. My current plans are to:
-30 CM blue LED Strip 12V. I'll hook it up to a molex connector (ORDERED)
-11" x 11" Acrylic Sheet. Will make a bigger window for the side panel of my case.
-Black, Blue and Red Paracord cable sleeving for sleeving my cables (75 ft in total, will only be sleeving some cables). (ORDERED)
- Heatshrink
- Toggle Switch under the USB/Audio ports with a cover to turn on a fan
- I want a CM Hyper 212, might get one soon
- Somehow improve cable management

Now, I think that this isn't enough, and due to the size and type of this case, I have no idea what to do. So, I've taken a few pictures to show y'all and hopefully get some awesome ideas. I don't want to spend too much money, but I have a lot of time I can spend. Ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!:

There is a blue LED in the front:

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You've got a lot of great ideas to get you started. After you sleeve your cables cut some holes beside the motherboard tray and look into routing the cables behind the mobo tray. Feel free to look at my build log to give you some basic beginner ideas. thumb.gif
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That's a great idea! I like how you've manged to put the metal sheet over your PSU, it makes it looks really nice when the orange LED shines onto it. I was actually thinking of taking the sticker off my PSU and adding an Antec logo sticker. I don't know where I'd get it from, probably have to print it myself. I have a question. You know how the VRMs on a Motherboard have heatsinks to keep them cool? What about putting blue heatsinks on those? Something like these?
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Check out frozencpu and other places like that. Just did a quick google search for vrm heatsinks and came up with some interesting stuff. I would suggest a quick forum search too because my knowledge is limited on that particular subject.

Found this stuff for you.


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That Thermalright will do just perfectly. Fits perfectly onto my MOSFETS. I just want to see if there's any cheaper ones. I'll probably get one. In other words, my LEDs came today! All for $1.03 including Shipping!

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yah i would agree with sleeving for starters and also then cutting into the back tray to route the cables, maybe spray ur psu to match your case if you want a stealth black look or make a cover for it like you see in some of the new cases now days, also remove any stickers or things like that on your psu cables(My preference). also if you are going for a black stealth look maybe get rid of the white cable ties or replace them with black ones, wont be expensive at all to do that. then if you want to spend some cash maybe replace your stock cpu cooler. what kind of side door do you have, does it have a window or a fan?
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Thanks for your insights and inputs! I'm thinking of removing my PSU sticker, and putting a normal Antec sticker on it. However, it looks like I'll need to print my own sticker. Won't painting my PSUI void the warranty however? As for the cable ties, I'll just sharpie/paint them black. Anyways, I got the side panel! 11"x14" from Hoe Depot for $4!
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Sorry for the double post, but update! I now have a gaping and sharp hole in the side of my case! tongue.gif

I tired drilling holes into the sheet for my GPU...bad idea.

I will be filing the edges and hammering the sides straight.
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I got the window in! I also ordered heatshrink and an extra LED light strip.

I ran into a few problems here.

1) My paint got all scratched up, so now I have a greyish black case panel.. not noticable under my desk though
2) No U-Channel at Home Depot, had to use Electrical tape, came out.. meh
3) The damn acrylic sheet isnt clear.. its like a picture frame.. the further the object, the blurrier it is.

Note: The window isnt 100% put on, will use some glue.

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So, everything has arrived and I've started on the sleeving!

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