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sounds like your having issues all over the place.
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Yeah, hardware related is mostly sorted at this point. Valuable lesson learned, don't work when tired. Are there any recommended UV lights for use eith the X1 clear UV additive?
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Originally Posted by batmanwcm View Post

After running Pastel Blue for 3 months that I bought from Performance-PC's, there looks to be some kind of green growth forming in the tube reservoir.

I can't say that I'm happy about it. It's going to take me a while to take apart and clean this loop.
I'm having the same exact issue with the same exact coolant.
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yeh that flux from the rads,
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Thanks, PM'd you again
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Auora that we make atm is V4, we dropped the aurora 2 name along time ago and replaced it with V numbers in the top right hand corner of the label (on premixed versions) but the same is in the concentrate versions.
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Quick Question: Anyone know if the new XT-1 Nuke is safe to use with AlphaCool Satin tubing without removing the frosted color from the tubing?
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We haven't tested it, how ever Mod my Mods is sending me some for testing and we will post results.
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What is up guys I hope everyone's doing OK Havnt been in this thread in a long time. So right now I have the corsair 760T and I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to upgrade to a P5 but I'm trying to figure out my water cooling situation. Right now I have 2 EK predator 360s in my case one in the top and one on the bottom and I'm wondering what will fit on the P5 I know you could put one large radiator in the front is there any room for my two predators in the back of the case I don't want to let them just sit in a closet I paid good money for them and Id like to utilize them any ideas guys? Here's a picture of my case

Or for the time being any ideas on how to shorten my runs or redo my loop to look "cleaner"

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that's a lot of rads for just a cpu loop if you could add the gpu into the loop you could make it look a lot cleaner!
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