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I recently purchased this pair of ram: and went ahead and tested for stability and quality by running Memtest86+ 5.0 beta and HCI MemTest Pro 4.0. Before going any further I should mention that before any testing was done, the memory showed no sign of faultiness and posted as it should with XMP enabled. During the first test using Memtest86+ 5.0b, the memory posted errors while running pass #5 but past that posted no other errors all the way up to pass #27. This had me worrying and so I put the pair of memory through another test using HCI memtest 4.0 and ran that using 4 instances with the available ram evenly divided. HCI memtest reported no errors after 9 hours of testing. I did notice in my bios that the dram voltage was slightly higher than the recommended voltage of 1.65 and so for the HCI memory test I changed the dram voltage from auto(1.66X volts) to the recommended voltage of 1.65 volts. Is my ram faulty or is Memtest86+ 5.0 beta unreliable? Is an 8 hour prime95 custom run using all available ram a viable memory test?