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Dire need of help sorting new memory issue

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Hi all,

I'm trying to replace my two 2GB RAM sticks with 2 4GB ones, but when I install the new ones i get the same blank response from my PC that i get when there's no RAM installed.

My first mistake was not looking at the speed capability of the motherboard and buying some 1600MHz ram - so assuming that was the problem I got some 1333MHz replacement and i get the same issue.

The mobo im using is this foxconn G41MXE...


...which indicates that 1333MHz is achievable by overclocking (i assume thats what the (oc) indicates), but im not really sure how to overclock RAM, though having had a look through my BIOS settings i can't see what might be stopping this from working.

These are a few pics of my current BIOS settings...


...and this is what im trying to put into it...


Happy to provide any more information that might be needed, and I'd be very grateful to anyone who can solve this issue, otherwise it could easily get expensive if I end up having to get some 1066MHz as well!

Many thanks in advance.
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1066MHz is what your board can run. It can handle 1066MHz overclocked to 1333 but not 1333 RAM modules.
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aaaahhhhhh I see!

Thank you - assuming that there's 2 x 800 in there at the moment, will it autodetect the difference in speed if i put some 1066 chips in there, or are there any settings that i need to change?

Thanks again, that would have kept me guessing for a long time...
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