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Hello everybody.

Here's the scenario:

Intel Celeron D320 2.66GHz
512MB RAM (2x256 RAM modules)

The two ram modules are here and here (second in the list:VPM400X64C3/256/H).

I removed these two old modules (2x256MB) and bought this one. From this Corsair list it is shown that it is fully compatible with ASUS P4R800-VM (second module:VS1GB400C3).

Problem:cannot work with Corsair module installed. I get BSODs. I have made a clean Windows XP installation (slow formatted). Windows start up normally, it gets on desktop, but in every session, and after a few minutes, it always comes a BSOD. For sure, it is not a motherboard problem or something else (e.g. virus, corrupted driver, etc.). And this is proven by the reductio ad absurdum, because, if I install my two old modules (2x256MB) everything works fine. No BSOD.

I also did the following... I replaced the new one Corsair 1GB module with a same and sealed (just in case the first one was defective):the same. It's impossible two brand new and sealed modules to be the problem. The problem is somewhere else.

As you will also see in the Corsair link, it is a DS 400MHz RAM module. When I boot up, in the BIOS the memory frequence has been decreased in 333MHz. But this is something (decrease) I don't mind. My problem is that I want to work with 1GB.

In the manual of the motherboard says:

•This motherboard supports one single-sided PC3200 (DDR400) DIMM per
channel only.
• This motherboard may only detect PC2700 (DDR333) system memory
when you install two PC3200 (DDR400) DIMMs in one channel or when
you install double-sided PC3200 (DDR400) DIMMs.

From these two rules, I think that I can make my module work, even in 333MHz. Or not?

I have installed the latest BIOS update.
Checked both Corsair 1GB module with memtest86+ and found in either no problem.

Can you please help me?

Thank you !