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Well, I had some issues with the display port aspect of my graphics card, prompting me to go back to an older Catalyst software, 12.3, in order to keep my far left monitor working.

Since the issue began happening again, I assumed it was that particular port. Upon trying the second display port, I encountered the same DisplayPort Link Failure. Before coming to the conclusion it was the card, I tested the monitor with an HDMI cable and it sprung to life.

There was one final test for me to troubleshoot this scenario; swap the place of my secondary graphics card, with my primary.

The secondary card also had the same display port failure, and in fact, wouldn't even put a low-res image on the monitor. The likelyhood of both HIS cards have both their display ports fail and nothing else is highly unlikely.

So that left me with the accell active display adapter that I have. What's a suitable replacement that will actually hold up? I've had this adapter for about 6 months.