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Corsair 600T Build

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Let's start off with a hello and an introduction.

Hi there, Cliff here, from hot and humid South Korea. I'm originally a Southern Californian, born and raised, but came here for my undergrad and subsequently medical school, which I'll start in the Spring.

Joined the forum back in '06? But never really did much... Just skulked around, marveling at the power of the builds and the creativity of the people here.

But after 6 years, I decided it's finally time to say hello and actually take part in what I see.

So I give you...
My first build.

Enjoy :]

Currently waiting on some parts to arrive... But here's the full list.

i5 3570K
Corsair 32GB Vengeance Ram Black (4x8GB) (waiting on this)
ASRock z77 Extreme6 Mobo
Gigabyte GTX 670 2gb OC Windforce
Samsung 830 series 128gb SSD
Western Digital re4 1TB 7200rpm HDD (waiting on this)
Lamptron FC5 v2 Fan Controller
Corsair H100
Aerocool Shark 120mm White LEDx3
Corsair AX1200 Gold
MX4 Thermal Compound
Samsung Bluray combo drive

All inside a 600T SE case.

Some plans I have for this...

As my first build, I'm more concerned with getting it running well than in modding it to oblivion, so there won't be any uber case modding, sorry to disappoint ;]

But I do have a few... things in mind :]

First off..
I plan to use the built-in fan control to control some Cold Cathode lights I bought for this purpose. I have UV lights that I want connected to the fan controller so I can turn them off when I feel that they're too obnoxious.

Second, I'm thinking of mounting the h100 on top, as usual, and using two sharks as intake up there as well. I plan to put another shark as a pull on the side closer to the CPU due to RAM clearance issues. If it fits.

I bought these cables from Maxfinder, which is basically the only custom cabling I could find over here...
And I was wondering if it was okay to use with my PSU? They say it's high quality but I would love if someone had experience with these cables in the past...

I plan to connect the Rad fans in a daisy chain to my controller for one dial, the front 200 on another, and the rear fan to the last, giving me two dials left. Or do y'all think it'd be better to connect each fan to a separate dial?

And that's about it.
More pics to come when I start putting it together in a few hours... Enjoy!
And I do apologize for the cell phone snap...
The rest of the build will be documented by DSLR so no worries :]
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Lets get started, shall we?

First off the PSU.

Mounted and we're done.

Next up is the Mobo

It came with a USB 3.0 for the front... However it's a 3.5 bay so its worthless...
Or so you'd think :] I have a plan for it don't worry...

Took me some fumbling and endless turning of screws to figure out you needed to use the screws that came with the case...

Sharks with white leds to match the front fan, these are set to push.

The H100 all set up, I swapped out the thermal paste for mx4, first time applying so I'm nervous... but it should be okay... right?

God I love this card. The design is just so... perfect.

And there we have it. 6 hours of work... I know it's a long time, but gimme a break it's my first :]

All that's left now is to wait for the RAM and re4 to come in from the states... GAH

I'm going to head out tomorrow and buy 4 gigs of the cheapest ddr3 i can find. So I can boot and install Windows at least... and see if the systems stable at all.

Let me know what you think!
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Good luck with your build! I have also been a member for a while and ready to post my first build log (third build ever).
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hey its a pretty good build thumb.gif specially if its the first biggrin.gif
look my case i got the same but i m modding it right now wink.gif
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