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I just used the built-in calibration feature on Mac OS X. The results were honestly not great, the brightness/contrast adjustment is really rudimentary. Maybe if I had a piece of hardware to help with calibration it would have gone better, but my Dell IPS screens have had much better results. What do you expect for half the price?

As a work monitor, it's just fine. More than worth the money.
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What's the difference between these monitors and the Shimian's or Catleaps? I'm kind of confused considering that the Matrix Neo's actually have a decent looking stand which, if I'm not mistaken, swivels and tilts?
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No, the stand is as rudimentary as they come; it only has back and forward tilt. No rotation, no elevation.

I'd recommend getting an after-market VESA stand for it. It works really well with a desk-clamped Ergotron.

The reason I got the Matrix Neo is because it supported Display Port. That's the big advantage, and you're paying at least $100 extra for it.
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Joining the Matrix Neo club here. Pretty happy with it so far, zero dead/stuck pixels as far as I could tell (did not opt for the perfect pixel one) with slight backlight bleeding on the bottom right corner. I went with the barebone non-mulit input version.

However, does anyone know how to adjust the monitor brightness? All the buttons are dud except the power button.

EDIT: Er, just found out that its the up and down buttons.

Also, has anyone had luck connecting a XBOX 360 via a HDMI to DVI cable and running it on 720p (non-scaler version)? I've read a few have been able to do it on their non-scaler Korean monitors.
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