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I'm too lazy to write up a full-length comparison between the video codecs, so I'll just publish my results instead.

Video codecs tested:

Ut video codec
x264 (this one is actually lossy, so avoid this if you can)

x264 settings:


More hard-drive intensive & less CPU intensive --> More CPU intensive & less hard-drive intensive
More loseless --> More lossy
More quality --> less quality
Fraps --> Dxtory (true, uncompressed) --> Dxtory (medium, compressed) --> Lagarith --> x264

Start with Fraps. If you get severe FPS hits, then it is too hard-drive intensive. Move down the list until your FPS goes back to normal (assuming that you won't be CPU bottle-necked). If you are CPU bottlenecked, then use Fraps and record to a second hard drive.

Avoid Ut video codec. It performed the worst and it wasn't bottle-necked in either CPU performance or hard drive performance.