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hey guys, im going to get a new proper rig around december/christmas, and i will then have my current rig being used as a minecraft server. i was thinking of folding with it, but after seeing the PPD i get (2.2K) i decided to go buy PS3's which were broken but easy to fix. now im folding on one ps3, but not 24/7 since my brother also plays games, he has a crappy vaio.anyways, my java mamba rig will be turned into a dedicated minecraft server, residing in my room. i am a person who loves serenity and silence for sleeping, so silence is very important. the components i have atm are loud as hell, but a $20 212+ and a $15-$20 12cm fan for PSU will change alot imo. i also want to get a passive cooled GPU too. anyways, i was thinking of a ram upgrade, if possible a mini itx board+case for space issues if not just live along with my current mobo. basically, other than buying a 212+,several cheap but silent 12CM fans and another stick of 4gb ram what should i do? i currently can spare $75-80, but it probably will get bigger eventually.

so to cover everything up, i need a silent and if possible a small dedicated minecraft server. i'm already planning on a 212+ for price/perf. aspects, and some silent 12CM fans overall. what else to change/upgrade?