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g skill ram help

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hi guys i currently have 4gb of g skill ram ddr3 1333mhz and i want to add 2 more sticks of ram into my motherboard. this is the ram i will use : http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=57952&vpn=F3-12800CL9D-4GBXL&manufacture=G%2ESkill it is a newer model than the g skill ripjaws one im using right now and i wonder will it work? i will have 4 sticks in total afterwards but they are diffrent models and the new one is 1600mhz so will it work? thx redface.gif
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I think you it's best to stick to the same ram sticks and not mix them as it might cause instability. Buy 8GB of the 1600mhz.
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I would just get 2 more 2gb sticks of 1333 memory with the same timings and voltage as the ones you have or buy a new 8gb kit and sell your old ones per Vulgar's suggestion.
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