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Need a 2nd monitor for PS3

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So I just purchased a 27" Shimian lite as per this forums recommendation as my main monitor - and I LOVE it. It's a fantastic flawless IPS display that has made photo editing a dream, and PC gaming looks great too (aside from the lag at high settings with my 5770!)

However, my current 2nd monitor is a 22" 1620x1050 display with VGA and DVI.
PS3 can connect to either of these connections by the use of adapters, however, even if the PS3 thinks it can do 1080p, it really is limited to 720p - not cool.

So, I want a new second screen. Here's the breakdown

PS3 + office/internet (photo editing is done on my 27" IPS display)
24" because I think another 27" would be too big to comfortably look at
I want DVI and HDMI at the very least
I dont care
Response time:
I suppose it whould begood for games?
I dont need that for PS3 I think
1080 or 1200 work for me!
Gloss vs non-gloss:
I like em both. I think my Shimian is glossy.
Price range:
$250 MAX (less is better! Just spent $250 on Shimain T_T)
Preferred sites:
I really want the picture quality to be superb which is why I am asking here and not just buying the first $170 24" TN I see

I think I covered my bases. Let me know if I missed anything please

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Are you looking to buy retail exclusively or would you consider something like the OCN marketplace?

And where are you located? Never mind, I assume you are in Canada based on your preferred sites...


Going offline so if you'd consider second-hand check these out:

Monitor #1

Monitor #2

Monitor #3


There are a few other monitors available but these seem to best match your criteria.

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Yes, I live in western Canada.

I suppose I would consider the OCN market place.
Depending on the age of the model itself -and- of the monitor itself.
So first I'd be curious of what models to be looking for.

I have this thought in my head that while a monitor may look good for PC gaming, colours may be oversaturated and nasty on PS3. Maybe that's just crazy talk though.

If my price range is too low, I will wait and save
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Oh boy, that's a hard choice between two of those Asus screens.

VE258Q- 25" screen, 250cdm brightness (LED) - $200 (original $288) - No reviews on newegg
VW246H- 24" screen, 300cdm brightness (LCD) - 180 (on sale for $190) - 1500 positive reviews

Both have the connections and resolution I want, roughly the same price and checked for dead pixels.
So now I guess its about how the brightness and the backlight involved will perform on the PS3.

I'd do more research now, but I'm at work trying to ninja review things as is

*** thanks for the quick reply and suggestions btw!***
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