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I'm finishing planning for my first build, and saw this case at a garage sale, where I bought it for $10. Research later showed that it is from 2002.

Before I say anything about my particular case, here's the most informative page I found on it. It's the first case when scrolling down the page.

Mine is completely bare (no fans, PSU, etc.) except for the audio and usb ports in front. Also, the wires for the internal speaker have been cut, and the bottom drive cradle is missing along with a good deal of the fan pegs, the front buttons, and some of the plates that go on the front of the drive bays.

Is it still usable?

If no:
Can anyone recommend a fairly cheap case that will keep my stuff cool? I don't care how it looks.

If yes:
Can anyone recommend a way to get out the I/O port plate that's one the back? Finally, I beg you to satiate my cluelessness once more and tell me, do motherboards usually have I/O ports for external use built in, do you buy them separately, or do they come with the case and plug into the motherboard? If they come with the motherboard, does the motherboard also come with a plate for them to install in the case?

Thanks in advance.