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Need a New Fan Controller

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About 6 months ago I bought a Sentry LX fan controller, mainly for its aesthetics. (http://www.nzxt.com/new/products/fan_control/sentry_lx)

The fan controller itself works fine -- however I have 12 fans and it's just too much for it. Lately I've been thinking about selling it on Craigslist and buying a new one. I really like the Lamptron FC5V2, but I can't find it anywhere. (http://lamptron.com/products/view/Fan_Controller_FC5V2)

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated thumb.gifthumb.gif
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hey so I remember seeing some of those at the local micro center about two months ago so if you have one of those near my you could go by there and check. thumb.gif
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FrozenCPU lists it at $74.99, I am familiar with them, do not understand the price.
PC CASE GEAR lists the FC5V2.
NCIX lists the Lamptron FC5V2.
There are many reviews, techpowerup, madshrimps, techreaction.net,
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Thanks for your help. I saw it on frozen cpu, I just didn't want to pay that price >_< Thanks for the other sites though, I've never heard of them before and they were cheaper !!

Do you have any other suggestions for this price range? I'm really just looking for something that looks nice, can handle all my fans, and adjust them by RPM.
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NCIX is a large Canadian retailer/internet seller that opened USA stores. Google NCIX, choose location. Watch for US dollar price and shipping costs.
Canadian purchases have occasional price jumps or currency conversion charges.
I have had good customer service with them but I've had a couple "events" including a "purchase" that registered on my account(ie, payment charged and made) but did not "complete" thru their software (no item sent). Prompt refund, but they did not offer to match sale price.
The LAMPTRON FC5V2 was discounted on the Canadian site.

FrozenCPU would be worth calling about whether the published price is incorrect.
I have seen PC Case Gear mentioned on forums, aout all I know about them.
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