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Can't increase voltage - Gigabyte 7970 WindForce 3X GV-R797OC-3GD - Page 6

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Hey you guys. Any news on a workaround for this voltage issue?

I'm taking delivery of one of these soon and I'd like to at least have the option of a mild overvolt.
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I haven't been able to find anything that works. I've asked Gigabyte support about it, they told me it's impossible because the card would get damaged (clearly bull****). I've talked to some other people with the same card, one of them had a rev 1.0 and it had unlocked voltage, somebody else had a 2.0 with locked voltage and I have a 2.1 with locked voltage. I've tried a BIOS from a rev 1.0 card and it causes Windows to BSOD when booting, even after uninstalling and cleaning out any driver remains and then installing again. In Safe Mode or with no driver installed the 1.0 BIOS worked, so it didn't brick my card but it's not usable either. Since it didn't work with a driver installed I obviously couldn't see if the voltage was still locked or not.
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That's a shame. What is the point of such a great cooler if you can't even up the voltage?

Incidentally, do you know if it's possible to squeeze a little extra voltage out of the Power-Tune setting in CCC? I was under the impression that CCC allowed all 7970s to get a small voltage boost.
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PowerTune won't increase your voltage, it just sets a maximum limit to the GPU's power draw and if it goes past it'll lower the card's clock frequencies. My card is at 1.17V under load no matter what.
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Yup just bought this card - and while it runs cool and quiet the bastard isnt stable at 1100/1600hz - my old reference XFX board can do 1175/1600 (voltage unlocked), it can even hit 1200/1700 but wasnt stable

Going to return this tomorrow. What a waste of a cooler
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Mine is stable at 1050/1500MHz, haven't tried going higher with the memory. Still, the 5% maximum stable core OC is very disappointing, I don't care much about the memory, it's not like memory bandwidth is the usual bottleneck, considering it has a 384bit bus.
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Yeah I'm returning mine too. Voltage locked. I'll wait for a good deal on an unlocked version and if one doesn't materialise I'll get an 8-series card.
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Originally Posted by Bruennis View Post

Card is marginally faster now that I've bumped the memory up an extra 100MHz

I'm just happy I broke 10,000 in 3DMark 11 biggrin.gif

I'd like to see your settings in CCC, since your card is faster in Heaven per clock than my 7970 on the latest 12.11 beta 4 drivers(without "tweaked" tesselations settings). I5 2500K@5,2Ghz, faster cpu, faster gpu, lower score? Right wink.gif
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I just flashed the gigabyte Ghz bios on my card and it works fine, max volt is now 1256mV. Stable gaming clock 1175Mhz @gpu.

However I cant see any temps except gpu temp, so I'm returning the card. If it wasn't for the temp monitoring I would have kept it. Mine is a revision 2.1(the crappy one)


Ordered an Asus Matrix Platinum ed, instead. I'm so feed up with these revisions that's locked down!
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Could you please point me in the direction of the Gigabyte GHz BIOS? I only managed to find the reference AMD GHz BIOS and I'd love to try the one from Gigabyte!

Edit: I realized I haven't been quite clear, I mean I haven't been able to find the newer BIOS version you're running, I've tried the one from TPU's BIOS database and haven't been able to get it to work with drivers, depending on the driver version I either get BSODs when booting or it works but then I get a message from CCC in Windows that no proper drivers are installed.
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