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Hello all

Very simple question ( I hope)

I have whittled down the Gpu for my build to either;

EVGA FTW 670 2GB or the Gigabyte Windforce 3x 670.

Now I know the heatsink orientation is fine for the Evga as it is a 'blower' reference design.

However, I have read the Windforce is a very good card. Although I'm not sure how well it will function in the Ft02 due to Vertical orientaion. I don't intend to sli as I prefer single card solutions.Does it use 'powder' heatpipes?

I have read through the forums but the information has overloaded me, and I'm in a dilemma.

My build which is currently not over-clocked in any way until I get a card in place ( I'm chomping at the bit to see what OC I can get )

z77-D3H mobo
Noctua NH-D14
8gb corsair vengence
corsair AX750 modular
silverstone ft02

I play on a 24 inch widescreen monitor with a native resolution 1920x1200/60hz.

AAA titles, and alot, I mean alot of eve-online...its gotta look pretty!

I appreciate this case has been talked to death, but with latest gen, and few ft02 owners on the ground information can be hard to locate for 2012 builds with the case.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to suggestions
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