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Hello, can you hear me?!
Is there anybody out there?! Well I hope so because I need some help. I recently started doing some research on cameras and how they work and that got me interested in photography. I want to start off with something that'll give me professional looking photographs, but nothing that's too complex. Im not ready for that at this stage. I will eventually get there, but for now I just need some pos/neg on certain cameras I have picked out...PLEASE?!!!!
Budget: $500-$800
Usage: Shots of my nieces and nephews, landscapes, portraits, food, weddings, videos
Candidates: Canon EOS 7D, Nikon D3100, Pentax K2000, Sony Alpha SLT-A57
These are the ones I've really been looking at, but if anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE let me know.
Thanks smile.gif[/quote

Having the latest and greatest stuff will not 'give' you professional looking photographs. There are SO many people out there with DSLR's claiming that they are professional photographers and PURELY suck. No one body of camera will do the work for you. I can use a Canon 10D and a Canon 5D MKII and shoot just as well with either camera. Learn the technical aspect of it, mainly dealing with light.

But with your slim budget, it's going to be hard to get you up and running w/ gear. I would buy a used 40D for around $350 and then spend about $300-400 on something like a Tamron 17-50mm. It's a great walk around lens/wide angle lens for the half crop 40D.