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I'm looking for someone to help me expand Kyoma's Journal Mod. I'm working on adding the books, parchment, quills, and inkwells to bookstores. I just add the journalbooktemplate script to an empty book or piece of parchment and I am able to use it as if I created it using the menu journal. This adds immersion because instead of just magically making the book with the menu journal the player has to buy the writing materials includeing the parchment or book to write on or in. I need help to add an option to be able to name the book the first time you read it like you can when you create a book. All I need is some people to do the scripting (just adding to the journalbooktemplate script so you can rename the books and parchment) and maybe some help making the writing materials available at different vendors. I am planning to release this mod as an add-on for Kyoma's Journal Mod. (Seperate .esp)