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Im stuck between this 3 monitors

this would be my primary monitor for work .. and gaming (in second place) .. Im not living in USA ( Im from Argentina ) for me is kind of a risk but I think it worth the trouble ..
Ive been reading this forum but some threads are way to long .. so I ask form help pleas .. correct me if Im wrong and if I missed something pleas tell me about ..

well things are like this : Im between this 3 brands .. for what I read ( I even tried to translate a Korean review web .. XD) Yamakasi catleap and Crossover are the most popular?

I dont care about tempered glossy glass .. what Im worried is about performance .. are there any significant differences between this monitors ? ( I choose them because they have hdmi and I want that smile.gif

second thing what graphic card should I get? gtx 670 ? gtx 680? or better amd 7970 ? in another forum I read that gtx run those monitors more smoothly

in the Korean website ..maybe I wrong but Achieva shimian had som issues that maybe were fixed with a software update ?


CROSSOVER 2720MDP GOLD LED PIVOT 2560x1440 27" HDMI S-IPS DP Speaker Monitor

Achieva Shimian QH270-IPSMS LED 27" S-IPS 2560x1440 HDMI x1 D-SUB DVI MAX 74W

I did some research but overall the yamakasi catleap and crossover have good reviews

this is the korean web

and I also look here too :

anybody try one of those whit an xbox360 or a ps3 ?

many thanks