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For two months I have been battling to get my desktop up and running. First I RMA'd a video card because of mass coil whine and it would sometimes lock up, then the card I got back had missing screws, the next card lasted 7 hours, I then thought maybe my motherboard was messed up so I sent that out, and as it was out I happened across another board to test my video card in. Turns out the motherboard is fine, so send out the video card. Get everything back finally and hey still broken. Well turns out, my monitors DVI port broke. The HDMI (which I used with my laptop the whole time) works perfectly fine. 4 Video cards 1 Motherboard, and tons of shipping money later.

So Acer is willing to take the monitor and fix it for free, but the turn around is going to be close to a month. Any ideas on what I can do to get the DVI to work? I don't have a spare monitor and I just got this back, so no way am I giving it up yet.