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Bump again still not able to use my main comp, have to use my old P4 i fixed with putting in replacement psu and some spare ram.

SO my main PC is a Acer Aspire M5810 i shopped about 2 1/2 years ago about 2 years ago i upgraded it with a GTX 460.

SInce then it worked flawlessly, well exept some reboots cause of high dpc cause of sound gone.

About 2 weeks ago this PC just shutdown, it tried to shutdown windows, must have been triggerd by ACPI. Then power gone, maybe a safty measure of the mainboard.

So far i tried replacement GFX i changed the gtx460 wich requires 2 6 pin PSU connections wich my PSU in this system actually has but on the same line. I exchanged to a 8600GT with passive cooling, it didn´t help. So i think the PSU is fine.

I removed PSU with a spare one from old PC wich i use right now, and it failed aswell since my old PC runs and it´s a 430W PSU and the one in the Acer is a 500W one i guess it´s powerfull enough.

Well i reseated RAM aswell once i put em in the worng slots i would just get a continus beep no boot when i put em back it worked for about 4 hours then again shutdown try from win7 then power off.

After a while the PC tried to reboot on itself but failed and just would shutdown over and over so i pulled the plug.

i then did load Bios defaults, after i changed 2 settings put harddisk back to ahci to make os boot and make quick boot without oem screen.

I just cant work out the cause of the power cut, it seems to be a safety measure to safe componets but i cant see High Temps or any failing hardware, i did memtest from a Linux CD well 1 Pass without error.

What should i do to pin down the cause of this shutdown problem. If i have to give this PC away to find the cause they wantt 39€ just for looking at it without replacement parts and i can hardly afford it.

Should it rip out the rams and run it with one at a time to see if it´s rams ? Or can anybody tell me it´s the OEM motherboard wich died.

Also if its the motherboard thats dead, how do i get Windows 7 to run after change cause it´s a OEM system is there a way when i let it be repaired and they replace Motherboard wich has not this OEM Slic to reactivate my System.

Realy need suggestions here what to do, i cant afford any expensive repairs or building a new system atm.

Like i said it´s a Aspire M5810.

Components in use.

Original CPU I5 750

Original Rams it´s Samsung something

Original HDD Hitachi deskstar 1TB

Original PSU 500W

Replaced GPU GTX 460

Original Motherboard FMP55 Foxxconn Acer OEM ****.

How can i find the error plz help.

I had this Posted in General i now repost to get attention here, i dont know what to do, i worked out how to change PSU and stuff but i just cant fix this System and realy need some input what to do, like i said i can hardly afford a professional diagnose, it would cost more that some replacement rams or anything. original thread.
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