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Seanimus is there a reason why you got that model AC flow sensors instead of getting the newer MPS line of flow sensors? I can't for the life of me understand why everyone is buying the updated AC high flow USB model updated unit...?
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Originally Posted by Systemlord View Post

Seanimus is there a reason why you got that model AC flow sensors instead of getting the newer MPS line of flow sensors? I can't for the life of me understand why everyone is buying the updated AC high flow USB model updated unit...?
The AC flow sensor I got is the new model of USB. The MPS model does not use a mechanical part inside. Also when you want to order the MPS one...you are challenged with a question of which delta model you want. And without anticipating what flow you may have I was stumped in answering that question; given that this is my first liquid cooled build. So I got the traditional model with "impeller" inside (I think its called impeller)

So I took this shot with 4 (5pin) usb outs and 1 (10pin) usb in. FUGLY.

And then Sandy hit big time and lost power....so I am out of Power, Phone, Internet since Monday night...and no expectation of power till next Monday.
Have gas and hence hot water which is blessing.

Monday night went to the car...to charge phones and have dinner. Took some shots while eating icecream:




And rolling in Tuesday morning:

The lights on the handles of the BMW can light up the garage pretty well. Never noticed these things until its all dark.

Tried working on cables with this light...not much help:

Cut this one open...but then couldn't continue working in the dark like that...

Tuesday night...got fire going Still no POWER...**** and its getting cold.
Wife and son quickly flocked near my workspace.

Found son Tuesday night, in garage using my car to charge his phone..

Wednesday morning and still no power. Decided to come to work at Verizon headquarters which is fully operational in NJ to get some work done and make this post..

Found my colleague nicely dressed, fresh and looking pretty. Thought she had power at home for a moment. Found out she has no roof on her house, and took a shower in the river next to her house, and dried her hair on fire next to river bed. Now that I could never do..not with freezing water.

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:-P*** Sweeeeeeeet Lord! Too bad we're not there to see her turn into a smoking hot mermaid.
Next time, we want a heads up for a pay-per view. Hot pic by the way… this explains why dudes are always drool.gif
im taking a shower in the canal next to her house Snorkle.gif tommorrow
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Sweet looking colleague you got there.

We have a saying here in Denmark: "Nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde".
Directly translated to english it goes something like: "Necessity teaches a naked woman how to weave".

I guess some people can just make the best of it and still smile - amazing. Makes me kinda fall in love with her just because of that smile in her situation. Wonderful.

But OK, back to geek talk:

Found out there are projects going on over on the german AC forums concerning people making their own LED Amps for the RGB output of the Aquaero 5. Use Google Translate for these:

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The maker of the RGBAmp in the second link even made a construction manual (PDF file) in english - amazing!

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That's my picture! smile.gif I like to live out in the wild.

If you want another mental image, picture me with a chainsaw - I was chopping trees all day yesterday!
The storm was pretty bad; I lost one full roof, and part of another so that it rained into my house.

After collecting rain water to brush my teeth with, I was happy to be warm at work where there's coffee smile.gif
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Welcome to the forums wink.gif

Potentially, there's lots of stuff for a stand-up woman like you here.
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+ rep for Forest Girl. heart.gif
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By the way, how do I ban someone from my thread?
And power/internet is back ..band.gif

Seen the damage I did working in the dark...
Had it set at 6mm and it should be 5mm:

Closeup of that connector pin for USB:

This is wrong way of crimping:

This is right....These shots are with Macro Lens...so everything is magnified...


Black wire in is the perfect way into connector:
Others are not the perfect way...just means it got turned around while pushing the wire in (blame the blackout lol)

Doesn't show well...but I forgot to put the regular heatshrink, and used before connecting other side. And ended up using a wider heatshrink. Got too excited with power/internet being back up. Used white here, and will use black for next one....if I can find it.

Top one is black original, bottom is dark grey....Not sure why camera didn't show difference, have to see what settings I changed there during balckout, while taking photos of the car interior.

Needed a custom one because its longer...The one I have is higher guage..Would not suggest doing usb recrimping..it is very painful.
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Originally Posted by Seanimus View Post

By the way, how do I ban someone from my thread?

You think you can ignore their posts, so the next time the problem child posts you will not be notified of that particular post. It will appear as if no one has posted.
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