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Hey guys, I currently have an EVGA GTX 570 in my rig and it's not quite giving me the performance I want with games I play maxed out.

Here's my situation though. Around late April when I first built my rig, the warranty sticker had peeled off from the heat of the card before I actually knew about, and set the custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner. At the time, because this is my first rig and I didn't actually think twice about just tossing it, that's exactly what happened. I thought it was just a useless sticker that had fallen off, but I was terribly mistaken on that.

Also, one of the DVI screws on the back of the card is somehow stuck to the DVI cable of my monitor. No idea why or how this happened, I didn't tighten the screws crazy tight or anything.

So first of all before I ask about which to upgrade to, am I stuck with this card completely now? Or am I still able to do EVGA's step up program? Or possibly even sell this card? It's not even 4 months old yet.

But anyways, on to the upgrade questions if someone is willing to give an opinion on this.

I was looking to do one of three options. I was honestly looking to do the EVGA step up program and get a GTX 680 in place of my 570, but if that isn't an option, do you think my card is even sellable without the warranty sticker? Also like I mentioned before, the DVI screw is stuck on the cable, but I might be able to unscrew it off with pliers if possible.

If I can't do the EVGA step up or sell the card, I was looking to maybe go SLI with 570's. I heard SLI gives problems though, such as microstutter and such. Heat will not be a problem I don't think, my board is an EATX and my case has optimal airflow through it.

What would my options be here? Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm really hoping to get that 680, but I just don't have $500 to throw at it. That's why i'd need to do the step up program to even think about it right now.