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Most of the SandForce-based 2nd GEN SSDs are prone to the buggy issue that forces a failure on the memory cell when bad data are received too often.

With the exception of Intel has somehow managed to solve this problem, other manufacturers are still working on firmware updates to get around the bug temporarily.

OCZ has been well made aware of the trouble that's why they have already started to move to their own Everest controller, designed by their newly acquired Indilix brand. The 3rd gen vertex or agility brought bad reputation to them. But as far as local customers' feedbacks (microcenter) on the new Agility 4 or Vertex 4 were given, it seems the new 4th gen are actually much better. We probably have to wait a bit longer for the early adopters to settle and get the hands-on experience with the new gen, then we'll find out whether it'll be good or not.

Your safe bet at this time is Intel 520 or Samsung 830 / Crucial M4 since they are not SF-based. If you have to stick with SF solid state drives, I suggest look for those that have Toggle NAND equipped.

I have this writing down a while ago, Round-up of 21 Mainstream Solid State Drives from 7 Reputable Brands, you may find a some helpful info for your research smile.gif