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Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that they've successfully gotten one of the Korean 27 inch IPS displays to work with a MacBook Pro or Air with an integrated graphics card. Either the Intel HD Graphics 4000 or 3000. I fully understand that a mini-DP -> dual link DVI adapter is needed. I haven't been able to find a true confirmation on this forum of a Macbook user that has the Intel graphics chip getting one of these to work yet.

I received a Shimian qh270 lite last week and haven't been able to get it to work properly on either of my 2 Macbook Pros. I have tried with both a Monoprice dual link dvi adapter and the Apple branded adapter.

Sometimes it will work beautifully for a few minutes, but within 10 minutes I start to get small lines of noise, or the entire screen turns to TV static, or the display gets generally distorted in weird ways.

If you have had any success could you please tell me which monitor you are using? Thank you!