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Hey, I know another monitor help thread. rolleyes.gif I did read the monitor suggestion guide sticky, but that didn't help me. Then I googled my question, and looked around, but I didn't find anything very useful.

So, business time.

I'm looking for a good monitor with thin bezels that has mounting options and is 24 inches or under (to use with an XFX Eyefinity monitor stand). Also, I don't need a 120 hz display as I don't want to spend that much. If anyone could find me a 120hz display that wasn't over $250, I'd get it. But for now I'm guessing I'll be getting a 60 hz or 75 hz monitor as they are cheaper. Resolution wise, It's the same thing. I'm fine with 1080p, but If anyone can find me a higher resolution monitor for a good price, I'll get it.

So, once again sorry for adding another monitor help thread to the forums, but I couldn't get many answers on my own.

I'd appreciate the help.