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m5a97 pro motherboard issues. - Page 2

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All 3 of them
The only thing I can think off is another CPU as the 720 could be damaged n the 955 was purchased used.
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One board has the CPU light lit on with both CPUs and no beep when no ram or gpu
The other passes the CPU n ram but no gpu when take ram out it beeps with no gpu no beep.

I got a xfx pro 450w from Maplins n it starts on paper clip but not on any board fan spins n goes off,

Think this is my worst month, sorting this comp n my area manager won't let me take over my shop now manager left but is using me as a skivvie working 6 full days a week although tryin say a not capable but I do more work and make more money than anyone else
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as you have tried the cpu and ram in a known good board and they all work in the other board that leves you with the board being defective
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The board still didn't post didn't detect graphics when card was in. No beep when gpu taken out n no light on gpu section
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yes diffently time to RMA
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So need Rma all 3 boards

emailed asus rergarding rma for the three boards if it goes by warranty there not 3 years old. should i rma the ram or proceesors aswell
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if the ram and cpu's work in another board then no
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well ive tried them in all 3 and nothing is happening the cpu light is on on one board but off on the other 2 with both cpus.
its like the lights are on but noones home. i still cant see 3 boards being dead or 2 processors, one of the boards was practically new from borandi received it today.
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well it can't hurt to rma the cpu that gave a red light
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they both did in the one board, uno on your board when you turn it on it flashes cpu ram gpu hdd then beeps n bios/windows on one board the cpu stays lit using both cpus on the other boards it flashes then ram then nothing, no gpu recognition.

so im not sure if i its the boards cpus or the rams or all 3. im not sure if to buy another cpu and try a brand new one, (i aint taking my rig apart will take forever)
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