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Attaching tube res to M8 questions

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How do i attack a tube res in this case? i am getting the phobya balancer and i want to place it on the left between the grommets where there is an open space.
the res comes with 2 bracket things that you screw in at the back (if i am looking at it right).
so do i drill holes? or is there a better way?
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Spot on, you will have to drill holes to attach the res.

Get some masking tape and stick it down and around where you are going to drill, you can then mark out the holes on the tape and it also prevents the drill from slipping. Also if you have various drilll bits, start off with quite a small one then make the proper hole to fit the screws. Also, the case is very easy to drill through so no need for a high speed drill.
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There's an alternative to keep the case hole-free.

Take a plate the size needed for your res mount brackets. Drill that plate and install the brackets. Then install it in the case with adhesive velcro.
Velcro can hold a lot of weight. Just make sure to use enoug for the quality of your velcro and the weight it will have to hold.
When you ever want to reposition the res, you can take the velcro off and wash the glue away.

You can also do this but imo it's not so pretty when you attach the velcro straight on the res.
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Velcro! That takes me back! lol! biggrin.gif

It may be a good way to go until you are happy with the set-up after which I would drill the holes so you have a nice clean and solid fixing.
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