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AMD Overdrive vs Turbo Core (bios)

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Hey Guys, I'm jusing an ASUS M5A88-M AM3+ Mobo and FX8150. I noticed that Turbo Core claims it will push as far as 4.2GHZ under heavy load. If I use AMD Overdrive to try and push a steady 3.8-4.0, does this override Turbo Core and prevent it from going that extra distance?
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Don't know but why are you using amd overdrive instead of the bios .... amd overdrive ain't that great.
And if you overclock thru the bios to 3.8 - 4.0 you could turn up the turbo core frequency if u know what your doing.
I suggest reading some bulldozer overclocking tutorials/threads, so you can get a basic understanding on how to overclock the FX processors
Some need more voltage then others some run hot and some run cool ... that will be a factor in your overclock because it all depends on the chip.

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Yeah, i agree, I'm not doing anything too insane right now, as I am awaiting a heftier heatsink than that of the OEM. I have a V6GT Cool Master on the way. I heard the fan going crazy just upping it to 3.9, so I thought a little, soft 3.8 nudge may be fine. honestly, i've been trying to OC for years but always say forget it.

I've NEVER been able to OC in the past. It didn't matter what I did. Even bumping the multiplier up a small bit, or the FSB just to get an extra 100mhz OR LESS! would make me blue screen. Even going back to the Athlon XP days and Phenom 1 days. I have no idea why that is. For instance, last night, I decided that I would set my DRAM to the speeds it is suppose to be able to perform stock (2000mhz), even just specifying that hung windows. Shouldn't you be able to get stock speeds out of your DRAM? I can't even get 1500mhz out of it without freezing at load. I never understood why when I place DDR2000 in the system, for instance, it runs at 1333mhz stock, or if you put DDR1066 on my old computer, it runs well below those speeds at around 800mhz, yet is advertised at higher.
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So, given the above, I've always just dealt with stock because it's always been a headache just trying to get 50mhz+ out of anything i've tried to OC, other than the graphics cards, which are way more straight forward
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