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I have the mini itx asus motherboard
my other parts that are necessary to know is an i7-3770 and G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB.
let me start from the beginning, I built the computer, and it went flawless. No problems. Then when I tried to start the computer a couple of days later, everything came on, but no video, so I start doing the normal troubleshooting. I find out that the ram slot dimm closest to the cpu is, maybe, bad. When I have just a stick in the furthest away, it will work, but when I plug in both. the Mem OK light will stay on. I have tried to run the Mem Ok diagnostics, and I have also tried different ram. Nothing. I have already RMA'd the asrock mini itx and now I might have to rma the asus mini itx. Unless somebody has a solution biggrin.gif .
thanks for any help in advance!